Decorate your porch with 10 amazing embellishments


Can you picture your dream home?

We may not be able to precisely comment on the colour of the walls or the texture of the flooring, but we can say for sure that your dream home has a charming porch area! A great place to relax and breathe, and to stand out in the open air with your visitors.

It is also important if you ever think about selling your property in the future. This post from explains exactly how and why it is important to give your home that all-important kerb appeal. After all, if your home doesn’t look good from the outside, no one is going to want to step foot inside.

However, making your porch beautiful doesn’t need you to burn your pocket on an expensive outdoor fountain or exorbitant landscaping. You can rather create a good-looking porch with some fresh ideas that are not only natural but affordable too.  

Bringing natural elements to your porch can bring a new life to your home and surroundings. This makes the entrance to the house warm and welcoming. Some natural elements that you can use to refurbish your porch would be sand, gravel, pebbles, plants, mulches, furniture, grass etc.

Here are some ideas to play with:


Looking for something new and unique? Sand gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment. Here are some creative ways to design a sand-themed porch.

  • Make a little sandpit- If you have children, adding a sandbox can bring permanent joy to them. 

  • Create a Zen Space- Zen gardens are getting increasingly popular today as they help you relax. Zen kits are available at local stores. So, making one is super easy.

  • Play with decorative sand- This sand creates excellent visual contrast when put in planters and pots. You can now get sand in all colours and textures too.


When you choose gravel to redo your porch, you are choosing an ingredient that is easy to use, inexpensive, and also stylish! Gravel makes your patio green and fashionable. It is available in shades of brown, grey, white, gold, rust, and as colour mixtures. 

Greyish gravel provides a raw finish to your porch when coupled with weathered furniture and plants. Your porch could make use of tan gravel when you want to create an organic setting. Gold, brown, and white tones are perfect for a chic look.


They are original, artistic, and simple to work with; who wouldn’t like pebbles! Bonus: They come in too many options for your inner designer to feel thoroughly satisfied. 

Decorative pebbles could become a spectacular sight if used smartly. No matter what the theme of your garden is, pebbles would only compliment themes like modern, minimalist, classic, French, Mediterranean.


From tiny planters to bigger vessels, every little green life can make your porch come alive. Add varieties of plants like Petunias and Geraniums as they add colour to the porch.

Using big vases of hydrangeas on both the sides of the door can make a great style statement. Coordinating the plants with pots and planters in perfect line with your architecture could give a character to your porch.


Mulching can help create healthy outdoor spaces while increasing the aesthetic value. This makes them ideal for your porch. Go for coloured mulch that complements the outside colours of your home.

Mulch can be easily coordinated with brick, stone, stucco and siding. It would be a great idea to use brownish pine mulch with a brick houses porch. If you have plants outside the house, dark much could provide a great contrast with flowers while enhancing your landscaping. 


There could be nothing more inviting than comfy furniture on your inviting porch? It welcomes visitors while making private moments special.

Creating a Corner with Two Sofas can create the perfect intimate corner for an evening tea. Circularly arranging four chairs make the porch look classy and ready for an evening of cocktail with friends. Get innovative with furniture and it won’t disappoint you.

There are many other ways of making your porch a happy place like stones, grass, lights, lanterns, sculptures and statues. Find your calling and have your outdoor space work for you. You can also check out 71 Front Porch Designs And Ideas For Breathtaking Entryways.

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