Loathing lockdown? Try these at home!


Right now, we’re being told that there’s a lot we can’t do. Going to the pub, heading to the gym and holidays are off the table. But what about the things you can do? With lockdown still here, it’s likely you’re facing a lot of boredom right now, so why not entertain yourself at home instead?

From the fun to the unusual, here are some fun activities you can try in lockdown.

Do an online fitness class

Can’t go to the gym? Hate running? Luckily there are other ways to stay fit! Home workouts are becoming more and more popular – they’re free, and there are some you can do without any equipment! Take a look at Joe Wicks or Chloe Ting – their YouTubes are packed with amazing workouts that can be done in 20 minutes! Sounds like a dream, right? Be prepared for some hard work, but a lot of fun too!

It’s important to stay healthy at this time, and if you’ve over-indulged on crisps and wine recently, you might be feeling less than great. With plenty of free workout and advice on losing weight without dieting, you can soon start feeling better within yourself. 

Take part in a cook-along

Want to push your cooking skills to the next level? Why not take part in an online cook-along? Former apprentice winner Alana has been doing some baking cook-alongs on her Instagram account, while top restaurants like Wagamama and Nando’s are also doing live cook-alongs. If you’re missing eating out, this can be a fun way to bring some of your favourites in to enjoy at home.

See a psychic from your sofa

Have you ever seen a psychic? While that kind of close contact might not be possible at the moment, you can consult https://www.psychicsofa.com/. Whether you have questions about your future or you want to find out about something else, this could be your chance for answers. 

Learn new hair tricks

While it can feel pointless doing your hair right now, it’s good to learn some new techniques you can use later on. Some of the new crazes going around the internet right now include dressing gown curls and faux bobs – they’re worth looking up on YouTube to find out more about how they’re done! You can find plenty to keep you occupied and finally learn some of the techniques you’ve been waiting to try out! 


Lockdown has its ups and downs for everyone, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Instead of sitting around bored or missing normal life, why not try something new instead? There are so many great things you can learn and do at home – helping you make the most of time you never had before. Take advantage of some great online activities, you never know what exciting new hobbies you might discover during lockdown!

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