3 new ‘perfect hack’ approaches to life

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It seems that a lot of us are on the lookout for the perfect hack. So many people are looking for money-saving hacks or looking for a way to be healthier or fitter without putting that much effort into it.

While there are so many different sorts of hacks and ways to cut corners, the real solution to any of these problems is about changing your life. Lifestyle choices, such as a new diet or a new routine will make you become a healthier person, inside and out. Let’s show you three approaches, and coincidentally they all begin with the letter “M.”


The minimalist approach to life is incredibly popular at the moment but a lot of people may not like the idea of completely purging their lives. Living with a handful of possessions may not seem like everybody’s ideal approach to life but in fact, living with minimal stuff can make you realise what is important.

Because we focus too much on material goods, bringing everything down to the bare minimum makes us realize what is serving its purpose in life. If you want to try this approach, you can easily put some stuff into self storage and declutter your home. If you like the idea of living with less and how clear it makes your mind, imagine how it is for those people who have been living a minimal way of life, not just by removing stuff, but also by removing everything in their lives that serves no purpose? It isn’t just about the material goods; it’s about making sure that everything serves its purpose.


Another very popular approach these days. Being mindful isn’t just about meditating or embracing some sort of hippie pastime. Not everybody’s into this. Mindfulness is more about being conscious of who you are. We can spend so long outside of our heads that we don’t really get to grips with who we are anymore.

Taking the opportunity to embrace some sort of mindful practice, even if it is just for five minutes a day, can bring us back to the basics. Mindfulness becomes an anchor in which we hang our lives.

Mental health improvement

Looking after your mental health is crucial and this is almost the logical extension of the previous two points. If you start to become minimalist by removing the pointless components of your life but also becoming more aware of who you are by being mindful, your mental health will improve. Learning to look after your mental health is all about finding those little practices in life that help you gain more meaning.

Everybody has their own internal struggles. But looking after your mind is naturally very important as you get older. If you are someone who buries your head in the sand or struggles to come to terms with things, taking that small step to addressing a certain part of your attitudes to life can make a big difference.

A new approach to life won’t happen overnight. But if you are looking for a new way or perfect hack, it’s important to take the first step. 


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