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3 new ‘perfect hack’ approaches to life

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It seems that a lot of us are on the lookout for the perfect hack. So many people are looking for money-saving hacks or looking for a way to be healthier or fitter without putting that much effort into it. While there are so many different sorts of hacks and ways to cut corners, the […]


6 things cancer survivors can do to regain emotional stability 

Having your life disrupted by cancer is something that can wreak havoc on your mental state, causing anxiety, depression and emotional fragility. It can be a long, uphill climb to get back to feeling normal again. Keep reading for the six ways that you can repair your mental state and regain stability after suffering the […]


Itchy skin conditions and mental health – here’s what you can do about it


Cracked skin, rashes, weeping sores, and endless itching — that’s what people with skin disorders experience daily, sometimes over long stretches of time. An itch that doesn’t go away could drive anyone crazy. To get relief, it is important to identify the problem and find an effective treatment. Why scratching an itch can make it […]


Is the UK’s mental health in crisis?

With Mental Health Awareness Week kicking off today, healthtech startup Mynurva has commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 UK adults to uncover how much support is currently available for full-time workers who suffer from mental health problems. The survey found that two-thirds of Brits don’t think GPs have the time or training to effectively treat mental health […]