How to be a more active family

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We all know the importance of physical activity, so if you feel your family isn’t currently getting enough of it, it’s up to you to change that. Becoming a more physically active family can only be a good thing for you, but most importantly for your kids who are growing and developing. Setting healthy habits in stone as early on in childhood as possible will be very positive for your kids moving forward.

Place a limit on screen time

If the thing that’s stopping you and your family from being active is too much screen time, you should think about placing a limit on it. The limit you place on screen time should be fair and realistic, while preventing your family from sitting in front of the TV when you should be doing active things instead. Replace that screen time with sports, walks and things like that.

Find a home with plenty of outdoor space

The family home and the access to outdoor space you have from day to day will certainly impact the amount of physical activity you do as a family. It’s in your best interests to find a place with plenty of room to be active outdoors. You can buy house and land at Wallara Waters if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for. If that’s not possible, locate yourself near to public outdoor spaces where you can be active together.

Lead by example

As the adult and the parent, it’s your job to lead by example and to make sure that you’re leading by example. Be active and make sport and exercise a part of your day to day life. When you do that, they’ll see that they should do the same and they’ll want to participate as well. You might doubt it, but things like this matter.

Drive less and walk more

If you can spend a little less time traveling in your car and instead find healthy and active ways to get around, your family will become much healthier. Getting around by foot and bike for short journeys definitely makes sense, and you don’t need to get in your car for those short journeys anyway. You’ll also save a lot of money on fuel if you drive your family around less too.

Take family bike rides

Finally, you should try to get your family on the bike. If you haven’t yet taught your kids how to ride a bike, that’s something that you should certainly walk on. When they learn to ride a bike, you can take family bike rides together, and that’s a great way to get your family unit more active.

We hear a lot about the importance of carrying out regular family activity because childhood obesity is an increasing problem. If you want to make sure that your family gets active from day to day and that your kids remain healthy long into adulthood, take action today and follow the advice above.

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