Home expert reveals five must-have items for a sustainable new home

Viners Organic Natural Collection

HOMEOWNERS looking to move before the end of the stamp duty holiday in March should be mindful of the items they buy to fill their new shelves.

The property market has experienced a welcome boom over the past three months following Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement that stamp duty would be scrapped on new purchases up to £500,000.

The move is seen as a great way to inject some much-needed life into the economy.

But while new bricks and mortar will  lead to people redecorating rooms, one homeware expert has urged them to think of  their more immediate environment.

Sustainably sourced

Rebecca Kane, co-founder of Lancashire-based home and kitchenware experts Silver Mushroom, says rather than buying the latest disposable trends, spend more time and money to source items that are sustainably manufactured and will last longer.

She said: “As well as being stressful and tiring, ultimately buying a new home is exciting as you get the chance to redesign it in your own image.

“A new bathroom suite and kitchen cabinets will be high up the list for many taking the plunge in the property market before the end of the stamp duty holiday on March 31 next year.

“There’s also the task of putting an individual mark on each new space – from a cosy lounge to a peaceful bedroom.

“But making these changes can often see people buying lots of ‘throwaway’ items that will look nice for a while but then end up in landfill.

“They are also probably produced using methods and materials that aren’t great for the environment.

“This does not have to be the case. There are a growing number of companies producing sustainable and organic items, including kitchen utensils made from wheat fibre and robust reusable containers that can easily replace plastic ones.”

Silver Mushroom has come up with their top five sustainable items that can make sure your new home has decent green credentials.

Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls

“Since the very beginning of Silver Mushroom we have sold countless Mason Cash mixing bowls of all shapes, sizes and colours,” says Rebecca.

“More often than not, customers tell us tales of their grandmother teaching them to bake using her trusty bowl, which needs replacing only due to being damaged.

“Investing in one is like investing in a memory. You know the durable piece will last for years and can be passed down to your children, grandchildren and so on.

“This element of durability is what makes the Mason Cash mixing bowls sustainable superstars – quality craftsmanship, sturdy Derbyshire clay and a little love and care will see you through the years to come.”

The Organic Company Waffle Hand Towel

“Gone are the days where we see kitchen and bathroom textiles serving only a functional purpose.

“While there is no denying the essential need for home textiles, there is no reason for them to be doudy, unglamorous rags made from non-sustainable materials.

“The Organic Company offers beautiful, quality products made from 100 per cent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton crafted from ethical and sustainable sources.

“These pieces are not only beautiful but are made to last.

“We recommend the Waffle Hand Towels to anybody looking to create a more sustainable home environment.

“The towels absorb any spills and mess, whilst adding a splash of colour and that essential element of cosy texture into your home.”

Nkuku Kiko Brass Photo Frames

“Photographs are our favourite way to inject warmth and personality into the home.

“Choosing a collection of photos that spark fond memories of loved ones can create a comforting environment to be in.

“One of our best selling pieces during lockdown has been our Kiko Brass Photo Frame. Made from sustainable materials and garnished with a recycled sari tie, this frame is from the ionic brand Nkuku.

“We began stocking Nkuku due to their fabulous company ethos. All items are ethical, eco-friendly and handmade.

“Celebrating the craftsmanship of talented artisans from around the world, Nkuku offers a collection of durable, sustainable products like no other.

“We really recommend the Kiko Frame to anybody wanting to create a sustainable home and a touch of personal style.”

The Kilner Jar

“We couldn’t possibly leave out the trusty Kilner Jar. The design hasn’t much changed for almost 200 years, and for good reason.

“Created from the highest quality glass, the Kilner Jar is the perfect sustainable storage solution for any home.

“Gone are the days where we cram our cupboards full of plastic tubs and bags.

“Kilner Jars offer the best of both worlds. They enable you to keep your foods fresh and delicious, as well as your cupboards tidy and organised. You can cut out plastic by using the durable glass jars.

“We also just love their retro look. Sustainable and stylish – what more could you want in the current climate?”

Viners Organic Kitchen Utensils

“The Viners Organic Kitchen Utensils bundle includes a whisk, ladle, slotted turner and a solid spoon. The entire collection features knife blocks and more.

“Our favourite thing about these utensils is definitely the composition. They’re made from wheat fibre which is a natural by-product from the wheat farming industry.

“Historically, farmers have burnt wheat fibre as it served no purpose.

“But Viners have utilised this ‘waste’ material to create durable and beautiful utensils. They actually decompose under the correct composting conditions, meaning that they won’t end up in landfill.

“Available in either natural colour or a sage green, Viners Organic collection is an affordable way to create a sustainable kitchen.”

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