5 Tips to plan a work-cation amidst the pandemic


The pandemic is still here, and like the UK, many American employers have decided to stick to the remote model for the long haul. Now that employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere, the concept of work-cations is emerging strong. Y

ou can travel to your favourite destination and stay there for as long as you want, without missing out on your professional responsibilities. But before you are there, you must plan a work-cation because some things need attention when you work and holiday simultaneously. Additionally, you have to make sure that the vacation is pandemic-safe. Here are some tips that can help:

Prioritise travel safety

Even before you start planning, safety should be on top of your mind. Consider your health status and travel only if you feel perfectly fine. It makes sense to get a test because you can be sure that you aren’t an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. You will need the test report at your destination as well. When it comes to travel safety, you must go through the CDC guidelines and commit to following them.

Choose a destination wisely

Once you are sure that you can travel safely, choosing the right destination comes next. A road trip within the US is the safest option as it limits the exposure for your family. You may want to travel to a beach destination or someplace in the mountains. If you have a family in tow, pick a place where you can work peacefully and the kids have activities to enjoy. Check the status of infections at the destination before you book. The UK’s covid passport scheme will run on a traffc light system.

Pick the right accommodation

If you want to have a perfect work-cation, a rental is the best choice right now. It offers ample space and privacy, and you need not worry about social distancing with other guests. You can explore Ocean City NJ rentals if you have a beach work-cation in mind. You can rent them for a week or a long-term according to your vacation plans. The best part is that these rentals offer internet access, which means you can work without interruptions.

Follow the local regulations

Although you will stay indoors for most of the time during your work-cation, you must follow the local regulations when you step out. States across the US have strict rules for face covering and social distancing for locals and travelers. Following them is vital to stay safe from infections. It will also ensure that you can explore the place without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Pack the essentials

Planning for your work-cation during the pandemic requires extra caution with your packing checklist. The packing checklists in the new normal have more than swimwear, flip flops, sunscreen, and medicines. You will need to pack sanitizers, soaps, face masks, and gloves to minimize the risk. Have ample supplies to keep you stocked throughout the stay. Carry pocket-sized packs of sanitizers you can take along as you explore the city.

Making your work-cation enjoyable isn’t a lot of work, provided that you plan it well. Going the extra mile with safety promises a good time for everyone i

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