5 Points to Consider While Buying Surfboard


It is safe to say that the most essential aspect of surf travel is definitely a surfboard. However, buying your first surfboard can be a tricky road to traverse through since there are several things you need to keep in mind, including your age, weight, and the surf experience you want to have. Not to mention, you must be aware that as a beginner, you cannot simply buy any surfboard.

Therefore, you must make sure that your investment is worthwhile. To do so, you have to take into consideration essential factors that will help you make an excellent purchasing decision.  This guide is designed to do exactly that.

  1. Type of Surfboard 

There are mainly two types of a surfboard; longboard and shortboards. It is recommended that most beginners get a longboard since it is bigger and voluminous compared to shortboards. The bigger the surface, the more balance it gives you, allowing you to catch more waves. 

Shortboards may be easy to carry and seem convenient to handle, but they will not help you catch any waves if you are starting out with surf travel.  

  1. Consider Your Budget

Just like how surfboards come in different shapes and sizes, they also come in various budget levels. It is important to know beforehand that surfboards are not cheap. Custom-made ones can be especially expensive since they are made for professional surfers. If you don’t have a big budget, then you should consider getting a used surfboard. The high-quality ones may have minor wear and tear that you should look out for, but most of them can pretty much be used easily. 

  1. Material of Your Surfboard

When it comes to the material of your surfboard, you have the option to choose from hardboard or fibreglass and softboard. Most surfers prefer to use softboards since they are excellent and safer for beginners, not easy to break, catch waves easily, and are easier to move on. These can be found in epoxy or foam boards. Fibreglass and hardboard surfboards are ideal for advanced surfers but not for beginners. Hence depending on your experience and skill level, you should choose the appropriate material.

  1. Consider the Volume

The volume of the surfboard is an extremely important point to consider when you are shopping for a surfboard. The more volume a surfboard has, the easier it will be for you to prop up on it and catch waves. Hence, for individuals learning to surf, they should choose a surfboard with maximum volume. You can find the most amount of volume in longboards, but not in shortboards. 

  1. Check for Dings and Cracks 

Since buying a brand new surfboard is quite expensive, most individuals, especially those starting out or wanting to test the waters, might want to get high quality used surfboard instead. In such instances, the factor you should be considering is the existence of dings and cracks. You should check the board for any of these because they impact your surfing experience significantly. 

The dings and cracks can damage the backbone of the surfboard, which will make it difficult to surf on. If you find major dings and cracks or poorly repaired ones on the surfboard, it’s best if you don’t get it.

Renting surfboards is the best idea for beginners before you go ahead and buy one for yourself. This will allow you to test out different kinds of boards to help you decide which one is perfect for you. 

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