What Size Of Selfie Ring Light Is Best?


Are you concerned that your photoshoots, social media posts, and selfies do not have the right image or video quality to complement them?

Maybe you’ve finally decided to invest in a selfie ring light, and you’re thinking, “But I don’t know what size?”

Well, you’re here now, and in this guide, you’ll find all the answers you need to make a decision you’ll be happy about.

What Is A Ring Light?

A ring light is a circular object in which fluorescent LEDs are arranged to produce light.

You’ll agree that the ‘secret’ to producing clear, sharp, and premium images lies in how adequate the light source is.

Thankfully, the ring light; which, was designed originally for medical and dental usage (ie. dental pictures), has now been introduced into photography and videography as a vital source of indoor and outdoor light.

Selfie Ring Lights – Are They All The Same Size?

Whether you need lighting for recording your YouTube videos, Vlogs, TikTok, Instagram live, etc. Or maybe you’re a professional make-up artist, photographer, or videographer, and you need to improve the quality of your work. The ring light is designed just for that!

Because of this, some people are quick to say a selfie ring light is one-size-fits-all.

A standard ring light is not the same size as a miniature ring light, and they serve distinct purposes.

Here’s what we mean: if you’re only interested in taking selfies or videos on the go for your social media handles. Then a miniature ring light will do you more justice because it’s affordable and portable.

After all, you’ll only need to clip it to the front-facing camera of your phone (i.e., the attachable selfie light) without the need for a tripod stand. Bear in mind that it might not produce as much illumination as a standard tripod ring light. But what it lacks in size and light intensity it makes up for in portability.

The second solution is the tripod-supported ring light.

What Size Selfie Lights Are Out There?

Size matters a lot when choosing a selfie ring light. The general rule of thumb is to determine what you want to use it for, your budget, and how portable you want it.

Remember we said earlier that there are two basic ring light sizes:

The clip-on selfie ring light

As the name suggests, this mini-ring light can be attached to your smartphone for on-the-go selfies and videos with your ‘bestie,’ both indoors and outdoors.

They are very portable (you can easily hide them away in your pocket), accessible, and can take flawless selfies.

More so, it is budget-friendly and an affordable mini ring light that you can pair with your smartphone for quality images.

This ring light, though small in size- is highly functional, provides up to 3 levels of brightness, and has features for adjusting the color temperature (like a standard ring light).

Standard Ring Light

Some people use Standard ring lights for professional purposes like beauty shoots. They are way broader in size than the miniature selfie light and are most times a do-it-yourself device.

They are set up on a tripod, and usually, you can control it using a Bluetooth remote, depending on the brand and model. After setting up the stand, with the ring mounted, the wireless remote; can then be used to take your photo or video.

Standard tripod selfie ring lights range between 8 to 20 inches typically. However, the most common sizes are 10 and 18 inches, especially among YouTubers.

The 10-inch size because of its diameter illuminates a small region, and most times, people use it in taking the perfect headshots.

The 18-inch size, however, can illuminate a considerably large-sized space. The broader the range, the more smoothly the light becomes; therefore, the image.


When choosing a selfie ring light, most times, you may need to consider one that has a larger diameter. Most professional photographers and videographers use these as affordable lighting solutions to bring out the beauty in their work.

However, if your focus is a casual selfie and making the image jump out a little more then a mini-ring light would be a better idea.

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