9 Reasons to Travel to Morocco Along With Best Places to Visit


Do you know it’s possible to see the Atlantic and Mediterranean simultaneously if you visit Morocco? But that’s not the only reason to travel to Morocco. This post gives you 9 more! Keep reading to get some references for your travel itinerary if you plan to experience this “true jewel” of North Africa.

9 Reasons and Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Whether you are a culture and history buff, shopping lover, nature enthusiast, or foodie, Morocco tourist attractions deliver all kinds of experiences a bag packer craves. Check this list out!

Largest Desert in the World

You get lost and still find your soul in a desert! And you visit the largest dessert in the world in Morocco. Mesmerising sunrise and sunset on a camel ride and looking at the night sky filled with stars in the desert of Morocco are “once in a lifetime” experiences.

Incredible Mountain Range

The diverse mountain ranges of Morocco consist of high Altas, Middle Altas, and Anti Altas. The amateur to pro-level hiking experience you get in these mountains makes them the best places to go in Morocco for nature and hiking lovers. Moreover, you see the local wildlife, visit local villages, and bird spotting all at once!

Diverse History & Culture

Morocco’s history is rich, with Arabs and Berbers coming to the land from other parts of the world. Splashes of Spanish, Portuguese, and French heritage are also visible everywhere in the country. It is because of the Influence of the colonial era. Theirs is an interesting Jewish museum in Casablanca despite Morocco being predominantly an Islamic nation.

Gorgeous Beaches to Catch Vitamin Sea

If you are a beach baby, you will love your visit to Morocco. Coastal towns such as Safi, Essaouira, Mirleft, and Taghazout provide excellent opportunities to soak sun, surf, and swim in their oceans. You can visit these coastal tourist attractions of morocco in all seasons.

Shopping Spree at Souks

Your travel to Morocco will be incomplete without visiting the local markets known as souks. You get everything here from healing herbal tea, dried flowers, & spices to traditional souvenirs, jewelled gowns, hand-woven rugs, etc. The list is endless!

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Accommodations for All Types of Budget

Morocco offers a wide variety of places to stay. You can experience the luxury of plush 5-star hotels and the wild experience of rustic camps in the mountains.

The traditional Moroccan accommodations, known as riada and dars, offer glimpses into the local day-to-day life of Moroccan people. You must visit Morocco if you love the versatility of accommodations and travel like a nomad.

The Intriguing Architecture

You can stand at any corner of the street, and it will make a perfect photographic frame. Every hotel, café, government building is so impressive that it will be hard for you to pick favourites.

The colours of the wall, tiles pattern, arching doorways, red clay buildings, and other architectural marvels of Morocco attract you to their simplicity and beauty.

The Sensory Ride

No, it’s not an amusement park! Morocco itself is a roller-coaster of sensations. You witness different scents, sounds, and colours together that you can’t be anything less than intrigued.

So if you are someone who likes to be taken by surprise, you don’t need to visit particular Morocco tourist attractions to enjoy your holiday. You will love the overall experience.

Authentic Moroccan Food

Have you heard about tagines? It’s a delicious North African stew that can be the reason enough for a foodie to travel to Morocco. Many other sweet, sour, and spicy local delicacies keep your taste buds engaged.

The falafel, couscous, traditional bread, and pastries available as street foods in souks are also must-haves to fuel your body for the shopping experience.

Bottom Line!

Apart from these 9 reasons to visit Morocco, there is so much more to this land that an article can’t cover! Book your ticket now to get the first-hand experience of this diversified, mystical country.

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