A-List Sustainable Celebrities You Should Look Up-To!

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Being sustainable requires a sufficient level of determination and motivation. Making greener choices will not come naturally at first, but with enough repetition, it can become a part of your daily behaviour. Ordinary people like us are not solely responsible for making sustainable choices. Looking at some of our favourite A-List celebrities is also a great way to offer some inspiration, and consider their initiatives. Some live their life to their greenest potential, and others make small yet effective contributions towards a better, eco-friendly world. Take a look at some of the most prominent celebrities, and how they take their sustainable initiatives!

Milly Bobbie Brown 

The Stranger Things star, Milly Bobbie Brown, has expressed her desire to protect the earth and make it a better place. With a passion for plants and gardening, Milly Bobbie Brown opts for organic produce, with a more prominent focus on purchasing cruelty-free products. With this, her very own vegan beauty line has its very own sustainable initiatives, offering non-toxic makeup products for all to use. 

Drew Barrymore 

The child star to adult Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore always has the planet and care for the less fortunate at the forefront of her mind. She started by reducing her usage of single-use plastics and built up her sustainable habits from the ground up. After collaborating with cleaning brand Grove CoShe has helped to create reusable cleaning bottles, supplying refillable pods for greener cleaning. Completely plastic-free, Drew Barrymore has helped households all across America to easily become more sustainable.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, the notorious health queen amongst A-listers, has her sustainability initiatives in her personal life and businesses. Opting for organic, unprocessed foods, Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet is super healthy and avoids the consumption of highly processed foods. Her brand Goop also supplies sustainable fashion and beauty products that are made completely with natural materials. You go, Gwyneth Paltrow!

Brad Pitt

Now for the hunk of the group, Brad Pitt surprisingly is a green activist and makes his sustainability movements. Brad Pitt strives for greener energy solutions, with a focus on solar panels becoming the primary source of power for many households. Also, rumour says that Brad requested a hybrid car model from the infamous manufacturer Audi for the making of Oceans 13, one that Audi did not currently have within their portfolio. 

Zac Efron 

Zac Efron is a self-anointed sustainability activist. Starring in the Netflix series, “Down To Earth”, he joined his team in exploring the world, experiencing new cultures and organic health techniques for better wellness and sustainability. They also shared their teaching for better green energy and how to maximise your sustainable habits. 

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio has been very vocal about his sustainability initiatives since early on in his career. Creating the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’ to support the planet’s sustainable future, he often speaks out about the need for environmental change. He invests thousands, if not millions into eco-friendly start-up businesses. A great way to make his money work for him, whilst aiding a better future for the planet! 

Emma Watson

Last but certainly not least, we have Emma Watson, who is the true star of sustainable fashion. Emma shows up to events in vintage, preloved garments from world-renowned designers, and debunks the need for new wasted materials. She uses her huge platforms that promote sustainable initiatives, especially ethically made clothing businesses which she loves to wear herself!

Final Thoughts 

Overall, our celebrities should not be the only reason why we all opt to make change, but they can act as a form of inspiration. Whether you decide to use a sustainable adult electric scooter or wear sustainable fashion like Emma Watson, there is a huge opportunity for us all to make minor changes that will contribute to a better planet.

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