How to Enjoy Exercising and Get Fit While You Do It

How to Enjoy Exercising and Get Fit While You Do It

Set goals

It’s important when you’re starting your fitness journey that you know where you want to end up. Setting yourself small, achievable goals is a great way to track your progress without putting too much pressure on yourself.

For example, rather than saying “I want to be able to run a marathon next year”, try something like “I want to improve my running distance by a mile each month”. This way, you can see constant change that’s achievable for you.

Take a partner

We know entering a gym can be daunting, especially when you’re starting your fitness journey. That’s why taking a friend can be a great way to motive yourself and your partner.

Holding each other accountable as well as encouraging each other can definitely improve your chances of success, plus, the gym is much more fun when you can gossip on the treadmill!

Join a class

If you’re a fitness newbie, and have no idea what you’re doing in the gym, joining a class is the best way to start.

Not only will you get a guided routine, but you can start to teach yourself how to use different equipment. You never know, you might just meet a new fitness buddy in your spinning class!

Look fab!

How to Enjoy Exercising and Get Fit While You Do It

When I started my fitness journey last year, a major encouragement for me was looking great in the gym. I went out and spent a large chunk of my pay check on Nike trainers, patterned leggings and neon sports bras.

Looking fab not only makes me want to go to the gym more (because I get to show off my new kit), but it also motivates me towards my fitness goals.

When I’ve had a heavy weekend of junk food and notice my leggings are slightly tighter than usual, you can guarantee I’m hitting the weights harder on a Monday!

Use music

Spotify UK have some awesome work out playlists on their books, the majority of which can be found on their free app.

Popping your headphones in can change a workout from boring to exciting, giving you a soundtrack for your achievements. My favourite is the rock workout podcast, I love working to the beat!

Use apps

There are SO many apps now that can help make your journey exciting and rewarding.

You have Fit Gurus, which give its users free workouts you can complete at home or in the gym, My Fitness Pal for tracking your food and measuring your diet and, of course, FitBit apps to track your endurance, strength, calories and steps.

Using an app can really visualise your workout, physically showing you how far you’ve come!

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