How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table

A large living room wouldn’t be complete without a coffee table to fill up extra space. Along with the sofa, a coffee table can be the focal point of any room and add details into the larger furniture items.

Many coffee tables end up landing themselves as ‘holder of the remote’, but there are many ways to transform your coffee table into a place that provides inspiration and stylish ornaments.

Here’s how to style a coffee table and upgrade your furniture without spending a fortune:

Add a Tray

If you’re wanting to create a chic coffee table, a tray is a great place to start.

Adding a tray to your arrangement provides you with a place to neatly store items (including the remote control!); making the entire table look neat and tidy whilst breaking up the surface into pieces for your eyes to digest.


An oversized light feature – such as a lantern – is the perfect design accessory for styling your table, but you can also use smaller features to add extra lighting to your living room.

Candles, tealights and lamps also make excellent options and you can chose scents depending on the season, occasion and event. Help to bring an extra cosiness to your room, lighting is an essential thing to factor in!

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Floral arrangements

What girl isn’t a fan of fresh flowers? They can brighten up a room instantly and add a fresh feeling to your home, so bang them on the coffee table!

On a table in the living room, try to find flowers that compliment the colour of your room. Pink is great for those with naturally light textures, and green looks incredible when paired with a rich, brown room.


If your home is often used to entertain guests, placing books and magazines on the coffee table can provide your guests with a way to entertain themselves whilst you’re occupied.

One of our favourite coffee table books is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. The only beauty companion a girl would ever need, it makes the perfect host for a girls’ night in or a casual read when lounging around.

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Choosing a Colour Scheme

Often the hardest part when it comes to styling your coffee table, the colour scheme that you opt for could make-or-break the design of your entire room.

There are two options to choose from when it comes to this step:


A complimentary colour scheme is as it sounds – it compliments the existing style of your home. If your home decor prominently uses pastel colours, you could use a similar style in the features displayed on your coffee table to seamlessly blend the furniture together.


Alternatively, you could use contrasting colours to bring a stark appearance to the table area and make it the stand-out feature of the room. Either way, we’re sure that the table will look incredible!


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