Does Your Skin Affect Your Confidence?


Whilst skin conditions are not life-threatening a new report suggest they shouldn’t be underestimated for the damage they can do to overall well-being.

Let’s ‘face’ it, skin is important, we can change our clothes, change our hair but skin is for life. It’s one of the first thing people notice about you and in a world that has been made increasingly more visual by social media, the quest for combating bad skin has never been more ferocious.

In the modern world the average woman worries about the appearance of her skin for 32 minutes every single day, this adds up to 18 months of skin worrying in a lifetime. The findings were highlighted in a new report by beauty and well being expert, Liz Earle, to mark the release of her new book, SKIN.

Respondents said they suffer from eight bad skin days each month on average – and just four per cent described themselves as very confident about their skin. Of those polled, 45 per cent said they use ‘lots’ of make-up because they don’t feel happy about their skin and will typically invest nine minutes of their day applying it.

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Skin issues were also found to effect women’s social confidence with half of women saying they dread going to special events because they are worried about how their skin might look that day.

Liz Earle said: “The state of our skin makes a huge impact to our self-esteem – and can even affect career-prospects and relationships by damaging confidence.

“Yet there are so many simple strategies that can help, from proven medications from the GP to watching at what we eat.

“Because skin conditions such as acne are not life-threatening, we may not be taking them seriously enough as part of our health and overall well-being.”


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