Last Minute Travelling: Smart Tips for Grabbing the Best Deal


Planning a trip to your favourite destination at the last minute comes with a bunch of challenges that you can’t tackle together. If you’re facing the same, don’t lose hope. There’s still a chance you can grab a pocket-friendly travel deal before the beginning of holiday season. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use while booking flights and hotels so that you can avoid making a big hole in your pocket.

Keep an eye on social media

Check hotels and airlines on a regular basis on their social media websites to be awaked of last minute deals that are offered by them. Experts also recommend browsing various websites to find out great deals. Carefully scrutinise and grab the package as soon as it flashes in front of your eyes.

Download travel apps

If you are not sure where and when you want to go for a trip then use apps. Yes, there are many apps through which you can easily search for cheap hotels, flights and other travel deals. The travel apps acts like your travel buddy and help you to plan a happy and economical vacation.

Get benefited from mileage points

Anxious as you don’t have too much cash in your wallet? Worry not and join a mileage program as these programs offer you miles for both journeys. Some well-known airlines are popular amid flyers due to their promotions. Thus, regularly check these deals in the future.

Choose a serviced apartment hotel

Apartment hotels are undoubtedly your last minute savoir. Whether you plan your vacation during peak season or in low season, you always get many options. These apartments are packed with modern amenities and make your stay comfy without breaking your bank.

Strike when the iron is hot

In simple words, buy your tickets at the right time. The time and day you buy your travel ticket may impact your total expenses of vacation. Most of the airlines offer bargains on Monday afternoons. Thus, we suggest you to book your tickets on Monday or Tuesday afternoons.

Curb your desire to fly during holidays

The rate of airfares touches sky during major holidays like Christmas and New Year. Although, there are many airline companies that offer low-cost tickets for travel on holidays. Also, don’t forget to check the rates of low-cost airlines frequently as they can be a big money-saver.

Think about flying into a smaller airport

If you live in a metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles—where you get to see many airports, do your hard work and find out how much it would charge to fly into a different airport than you generally would. Make sure the airfare is not going to cost you an arm and leg to reach to smaller airports.

Merge your stay with your flight charges

As your travel dates comes near, packages that combine accommodation with flight charges—and sometimes even a car rental can be a good deal. Furthermore, you can also save good bucks by booking your apartment hotel in London as you get optimum comfort and facilities in economical rates.

Now use these smart tips & tricks and hit your favourite destination without any stress!

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