Top 8 Awesome Travelling Tips – Get The Most Out Of This Vacation

Making the Most of Luxury Travel

I love travelling, but like you all, even I wish to have more fun and activities at the minimum expense. I spend hours on the internet to find how I could save my hard-earned pennies without cutting out the fun. Found hundreds of saving tips, they are literally good, but practically impossible (experienced from my last trips). However, I got some practically possible tips that can bestow you more fun & amusement at the minimum price. Here’s how;

Select The Right Time

If possible commence your journey either late at night or early in the morning. Simply, choose the less desirable times like midweek, early in the morning or late night. Almost £250 can be saved if you choose the right time. You can also consider spending the night at the airport hotel (in case your flight is early morning). It will be cheaper than staying at nearby hotels.

Think About Mid-Season Vacation

Personally, I feel that it’s no use going for a vacation during the off-season. And if you choose peak season, then you will have to forget about your budget. But, what if you pick mid-season that is also called shoulder season. You will get quality experience even in 3-4 days. At the same time, you could save almost half of your total budget.

Explore Deals Online

While browsing through travel destination sites and attractions, I came across many online sites like, which offers the best travel deals and discount offer for flight and hotels. Even, you can get deals for activities at the destination. Hence, before commencing your trip, surf the internet and get the best deals for sure.

Download Travel Apps

No doubt, you have a smart phone, right? Your mobile device can save some quality bucks. All you need to do is to download travel apps (you will find hundreds of apps like Foursquare, Scout mob, etc. In the iTunes or Google Play Store) and get some hot deals near your spot. The app will assist you in many activities like finding the best deals, hot spots, location, and so much more.

Get Tickets In Advance

If you are sure about your trip, then it is beneficial to book your air tickets, hotels or activities in advance. Check if the flight tickets, hotel fairs, and attractions (you are planning to visit) offer some discounts. If you are confused how to check it, you need to go through online comparing sites, which provides some amazing hotels and attractions deals.

Find Out Cheap/Free Entertainment Spot

You will find free event tickets at most of the traditional points. plenty of events including low-cost and promotional events are regularly organised at the famous destination. You need to find them out from the online sites.

Select Accommodation Where You Can Cook

If possible do not book hotels in advance or through online. Explore it once you reach the destination. Check out the hotels or lodge where you can cook yourself.

Travel By Public Transport

I had booked by accommodation a 2-mile away from the destination and used to travel by local train and public transport or shuttle. So, it is cheaper to travel in the shuttle, public transport than travelling by private cab or car.

In short, you will get plenty of options to save. Again, the one thing you need to do is to be punctual and stick to your planned budget. Don’t go beyond your necessity. Plan your trip, set a budget and stick to it. You will return happily, creating lots of sweet memories.

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