5 Bad Eating Habits You Might be Unconsciously Doing


When it comes to bad eating habits, we have them a dime a dozen. For most of us, we try to reduce our food consumption hoping they would make a dent in the bathroom scale. But it’s the little things we do daily which affect the increase or decrease of our waistline.

According to Reviews Radar, there are 5 bad eating habits that you might be doing unconsciously. If you can avoid these things, you will get the desired results, but total avoidance is hard! At the very least we’re aiming for awareness and reduction!

1. Free restaurant food

One bad eating habit that you need to work on is to reduce the complimentary food at restaurants. They might look free but you’re paying for it in terms of calories consumed. The little biscuits, breadsticks, and salsa are adding as much as 150 calories to your body. The worst part is that these calories don’t have a nutritional pairing whatsoever in your body. They are free to consume but cause a lot of damage to the body.

2. Soda especially diet soda.

Truth is, the amount of soda, the average American drinks per week is almost a full gallon. This is a bad eating habit that needs to be curbed. A 2005 research study found out that drinking a soda per day, even diet soda, increases your chances of being obese by 33%. The reason is simple – soda comes with artificial sweeteners which increase the hunger pangs you feel during meals.

3. Skip meals

You might have gotten this idea from a friend of yours who has the body you admire but the truth is skipping meals increases your odds of adding to your weight. When you skip meals, your metabolism is slowed and there is a tendency to overeat at your next meal. Skipping meals is bad for your health especially breakfast.

4. Eat too fast

This is one of those bad eating habits that has been wired into us based on how the stomach and the brain works. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it has had enough. According to a report in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, slow eaters tend to take in fewer calories than fast eaters. This is quite logical – when you take your time to consume a meal, you will eat less than the guy who rushes it down his throat and ends up getting bloated afterward.

5. Combo Meal

Ordering for a combo meal is a bad eating habit that you do unconsciously. When you order a combo meal, you tend to order for items way higher than your stomach can contain. You’re better off ordering for your meals a la carte – that way you won’t be influenced into eating more than you want as well as adding more calories to your meal. You will also save some few cash from companies who design these combos as a marketing scheme to hustle more money out of your pocket.

These are the 5 bad eating habits that you might be unconsciously doing. If you can stop these habits, you will see a dramatic turnaround in your weight loss journey.

Author Bio:
Emmanuel is a health and fitness enthusiast who is tired of seeing people complain about gaining weight and thinking they have no way to deal with it. As a result he now serves as a small time activist and blogs about health and fitness topics to empower people to change their lives.

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