How to Wear Pearls Like a Hollywood A-Lister

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Pearls have always been a symbol of classic beauty. But over the last few decades, the gemstone had been pegged as a stuffy, maybe even “basic” accessory. For most people, pearls conjure up images of preppy sundresses, elitist dinner parties, and snobby southerners.

But no longer. Celebs are giving us all a whole new way to think about pearls – thankfully.  They still scream elegance, sophistication, and luxury, but a modern twist is making pearls relevant again – and dare we say it, even edgy.

Here’s a look at how they’re being worn in and around Hollywood and some tips on how you can pull off the look, too.

Taylor Swift

Since the drop of her new album, Reputation, the new and improved Taylor has been spotted rocking pearls from top to bottom. Her new video even features her in a bathtub surrounded by precious gems. You might even remember her iconic pose on the cover of People Magazine a couple of years back, pearls in hand (and mouth).

How to pull off the T. Swift look:

Keep it simple. That’s your best bet. Invest in a strand of pearls (freshwater if you’re looking to save some money) and pair it with simple yellow and white golds. The Pearl Source, an online retailer specializing in pearl jewelry and our resident pearl experts, recommend longer length necklaces that you can layer as you wish.


Rihanna’s style is hardly classic, but she sure can pull of pearls with ease. Ri Ri is frequently spotted with layered pearl necklaces and bracelets. She tends to gravitate toward larger gemstones, but this is difficult to pull off if you’re new to the pearl game.

How to pull off the Rihanna look:

Go with small- to medium-sized jewelry if you’re ballin’ on a budget; it’s more difficult to see the imperfections in the gemstones. Plus, extremely large necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – in other words, the kind Rihanna likes – can set you back significantly in the price department. If this is your first time experimenting with pearls, going big in all the wrong ways can also make your look feel “costume.” It’s best to start small, but by all means layer like Rihanna.

Kim K.

You may not have liked her channeling of Jackie Kennedy, but there’s no denying she looked good in pearls. Kim is also frequently spotted in simple pearl stud earrings of varying colors. Yes, that’s right. Colors. White pearls are so basic – they also come in black, blue, green, pink, and gold.

How to pull off the Kim K. look:

Easy. Invest in a pair of great studs. First of all, they go with everything. Second, it’s quite affordable to own a pair in every color. For an edgier look, try Tahitian black pearls. For something more tame, pinks and peaches work well in the fall and spring. Depending on the size and color, your studs work whether you’re in the office or brunching with your friends.

Ivanka Trump

Love or her hate her, Ivanka’s style is classic, sophisticated, and elegant. The First Daughter has a discrete sense of fashion style. She dresses simply, yet there’s something about her wardrobe that gets our attention. Trump tends to accessorize with earrings and bracelets that make a statement without shouting from the mountain tops. It seems her look just can’t be overlooked by the media, either.

How to pull off the Ivanka Trump look:

Once again, keep it simple (noticing a trend here?). Now that you’ve got yourself a quality pair of stud earrings, try something that sparkles a little more. Pearls go quite well with diamonds, so if you have the budget for it try pieces that mix gemstones. Pedants that stack pearls with diamonds are a popular choice.

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