3 Quick Tips for Cooking with Kids

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It’s an arduous task trying to manage the kids and the household, all whilst preparing a delicious meal for the family. So here are a few tips for saving time so that you can enjoy more of your summer outdoors with the family.

Involve Your Kids

Take them shopping with you! It might be hard to keep them all check, but this helps to educate them about what foods are healthy and how they might incorporate these groceries into their own cooking. Give your kids mini grocery lists of what to get and have your shopping done in no time!

Save time with meal: a concept originally known only to fitness bloggers and nutritionists but now has found its way into the everyday person. This gem actually does save you a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen. Plan with the kids to create fun and easy meals that will keep for a few days. You can do a big cook up with the whole family over the weekend, and create hype and excitement around what’s coming up for lunch and dinner over the week.

Appliance of Choice

You can save time by investing in a few appliances that cut time in half. Blenders and food processors save a ton of time and the kids love getting involved with anything that whirs loudly and has the potential to be messy. You can easily customise soups for fussy eaters, and increase nutritional value for added goodness, for example by adding corn, carrot and sweet potato to a traditional pumpkin soup.

Of course one of the most innovative appliances to hit the cooking market is the German designed, Thermomix. This machine combines 12 appliances in one. With a set-and-forget mentality, the Thermomix can create many recipes which can save you time and offer creative solutions which are healthy for your family. Although these little gems can set you back in upfront costs, they can help you save money in the long run.

Lacking Creativity?

Simple thing is, no matter how many hacks there are on the internet, sometimes you simply don’t have the time or energy to do any form of cooking. So the next best thing is to get take out or just go out to dinner to avoid all that good prep time, all the cleaning up, and just enjoy some time out with the family. A favourite amongst my household is RASHAYS Casual Dining restaurant, the staff is super friendly, the food is reasonably priced, and relaxed enough we can unwind after a long week with the family. And there’s a vegan and vegetarian menu, with a kids menu that has a free drink and sundae combo!

It can be difficult to look after your kid’s health and get them involved in the process when you are running low on time. Some of these tactics will help you save time and be a super-parent in the process.

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