How to Boost Body Confidence This Summer

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

Summer: one of those times you’re struggling find flattering clothes. Long gone are the days of hiding your figure beneath Winter coats — the shorts, skirts and t-shirts are here to stay.

…For a couple of months, at least.

But that doesn’t mean we all feel totally confident in our new summer ensemble.

If you’re needing a boost of self-confidence in your clothes this summer, these tips are bound to help:

1. Know What Suits You

Knowing what suits you, based on your body type, is the key to finding your perfect summer clothes.

This graphic by Fashion One gives a rough idea of the main body types:

As a general rule of thumb, here’s a list of the most flattering summer outfits for each body type:

  • Busty: classic-cut t-shirts and shorts
  • Curvy: bardot dresses
  • Pear-shaped: t-shirts or dresses with detailing around the neckline
  • Apple: runched t-shirts with light-washed jeans
  • Boyish: swingy detailed t-shirts or dresses

2. Wear Comfortable Underwear

Nobody likes the feeling of. That’s why our second tip for body confidence in summer is to wear comfortable underwear.

Knix has the most comfortable bras, all of which are super flattering — even when worn beneath tight, low-cut tops!

3. Remember: Posture is Power

Our last tip to boost self-confidence is to remember that posture is power.

When it comes to self-confidence, the “fake it ’til you make it” motto is true.

So, walk confidently with your shoulders back. If you’re sitting, try to keep your back straight and legs comfortable.

Even if you don’t feel 100% confident, fakin’ it will fool everyone else!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, boosting self-confidence in your summer clothes isn’t a mammoth task. In fact, a few swaps to your wardrobe could be all you need to rock your new outfit.

What a fantastic excuse for a shopping trip!

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