How to become a nail technician


Being a nail technician can be a grand profession. Often, you become good friends with your clients whilst being a part of their many special occasions, whether you’re working on a bride’s nails or making them look fabulous for their birthday – you name it. It can also act as your creative escape, carrying out mini-makeovers all day every day!


So, what’s necessary to become a nail technician? There are no necessary qualifications for being a nail technician, however, experience and a nail treatment qualification will go a long way. Local colleges often offer such courses, providing you with both skills and experience. Such qualifications are available at level 1 and 2 and may require 2-3 GCSE passes. Many higher-level beauty therapy courses will also include nail therapy. It may even be that you are able to find an apprenticeship at a nearby nail salon.

Attention to additional attributes

One important step that you must take  is becoming accustomed to dealing with customers. It’s important you feel comfortable as customer service and people skills are important. This will help you get to know your customer’s better, enabling you to extend your client base.

As well as skill, you also must have patience and dedication. Making nails look great can be difficult so it’s important to have a passion to make your clients’ wishes come to life. Often, this means staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Patience is a virtue and this is definitely something that rings true when it comes to being a nail technician. It may take hours to perfect a certain pattern, but client satisfaction is the ultimate reward.

Finding employment and the right cover

After becoming fully trained, qualified or self-taught, you need to seek employment. You can find work at nail salons, spas, resorts and beauty salons, or become self-employed and work as a mobile nail technician. Should you opt for the mobile route, it’s important to obtain Nail Technician Insurance. In any business, accidents can happen and nail treatments are no different. If you are mobile, you may spill acetone or nail polish over your customer’s furniture. Such an accident may lead them to sue you – danger for your business. Thankfully, many Nail Technician Insurance policies offer public liability and treatment risk cover meaning you will be covered for both the damage and compensation, so you don’t have to worry about the future of your business.

Expanding your services

Nail technicians advance by growing a loyal client base. To do so, you must hone your skills, communication and creativity. Self-motivation, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and the ability to adapt to change will also help you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from competitors. This is an imperative step if you’re looking to make a living from being a nail tech.

As your experience of being a nail technician grows, your career can flourish. You can make your next step a supervisory or management role, using your skills to help train others. You may even wish to train in other areas of cosmetology so that you are able to offer additional services.

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