Four benefits of cardio kickboxing


Cardio kickboxing is a non-contact and full-body aerobic exercise which features a combination of martial arts moves and fast-paced cardio movements. Cardio kickboxing Rochester, NY and many other fitness gyms offer classes like these to those who want a one-of-a-kind total body workout. If you’re debating signing up for cardio kickboxing classes, here are a few reasons why you should…

Improved cardiovascular function

The combination of jabs, kicks, and other similar aerobic moves associated with cardio kickboxing help promote better blood circulation and improved heart rates. In turn, your cardiovascular system is strengthened as you keep moving all throughout your workout.

Weight loss and strengthened muscles

The increased heart rate you gain from cardio kickboxing also results in burned calories. And if you’re aiming for shedding off a few pounds, you can expect to burn a lot of calories in a one-hour session. At the same time, the movements also help strengthen your upper and lower body muscles. Punches and jabs improve the strength of your arms while kicking movements make your hamstrings stronger.

Better focus and concentration

As the combination of aerobic and martial arts movements taught in cardio kickboxing follow a sequence, you also improve your focus and concentration during each session. As you will be recalling the exact stance and proper way of executing each workout routine, you will be trained to better concentrate on the combinations you have learned.

Happy hormones

As with any other form of exercise, cardio kickboxing releases happy hormones called endorphins. So, the more sessions you attend, the more improvement you will notice in your mood. This, in turn, acts as a healthy and natural treatment for depression. It is also a great way of coping with stress and anxiety as the endorphins lost during these moments are replaced by the ones you produce during your exercise session.





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