Moving hacks for mum: How to make your new home inviting when you move in


Moving home can be a tedious task that can take up a lot of your time, money, and energy. It’s hard to make your new space feel like home at the time you move in. But as a caring mum,  you’ll want to ensure that your family will be comfortable upon your arrival. Here we tackle some tips for making your new home inviting when you move in.

  1. Clean your new home 

The first thing you should do when moving to a new house is to get it cleaned. That’s because a clutter-free place is more inviting than a dirty one. As a mum, you’d want your family to feel truly relaxed at home. So, you better start by keeping your floors and other surfaces clean and washing your towels and sheets. If you’re on a tight budget and schedule, you may opt to hire professional cleaning services to handle the job for you.

  1. Add window treatments

 Adding window treatments can make you and your family feel at ease in your new home. In addition to privacy, they can also regulate the natural light that comes in from the outside. Whether it’s shutters, blinds, shades, curtains, or drapery, these treatments can enhance the aesthetics of the windows by making your living space more cosy.

  1. Get comfy

Another way of making your new home inviting is to surround yourself and your family in softness. By adding everyday comforts like pillows, sheets, duvets, and throws, it’ll be much easier for your loved ones to feel settled when moving in. You can also look at the possibility of purchasing bedding accessories that can help make you feel more relaxed and calm.

  1. Paint the walls

A house with white walls can feel cold, clinical and dreary. Before you unpack all of your belongings, make sure you have your walls painted to personalise your new house. Select the paint colours that can make you happy. Remember, painting the walls can give life to your home, finally making it feel like it’s your own.

  1. Hang family photos

As a mum, you always have the best interests of your family. You love and care for them in various ways. This is the reason why you want to your new house to be filled with people that you love and care about. Look for the box that’s full of framed family photos and start hanging them against the walls and around your house. You can ask the professional moving company that you hire to handle these items with care until you arrive at the destination. Remember, you and your family will be relaxed every time they see everybody’s bright and smiling faces. After all, seeing these family photos all over the place can give positive vibes – and positive vibes can make your home more inviting.

  1. Pick your new home’s signature scent

Being a mum, you want your new home to have a distinct smell that can make the whole family feel calm and relaxed. Thus, choose a signature scent that gives your space a refreshing touch once you move in. Once you’ve selected a particular smell, purchase air fresheners, candles, or incense having that scent. However, make sure the smell is just subtle so it’ll not be irritating day after day.

  1. Add plants

If you’re the kind of mum who loves flowers and plants, then it’s time to introduce these natural elements into your space. Just like arts and other decorations, this greenery can positively impact one’s mood. Place pot herbs in jars around the place or buy fresh blooms every week to be displayed on your dining table. You can also scatter some low-maintenance plants throughout your house.

The task of moving house and turning it into a home may be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it with the whole family. But follow the tips mentioned in this article to make the entire process of relocation – from packing to making your new home inviting, seamless, and stress-free. If you need help with your move to Brooklyn or other cities near you, hiring professionals like Brooklyn movers is a great idea.

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