5 tips to turn your hobby into a career

Our hobbies relax and re-energise us after a long week at work.
But wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your favourite pastime into a profitable career? In order to do this however, you’ll need quite a bit more than just passion.

Mama Got This is an all-female collective for like-minded business owners; a community of ladies who support each
other, empower each other, and celebrate every woman’s success. Today, they’re sharing some of their best tips for
turning a passion into a hobby.

1. Set goals – set business goals for the targets you want to reach so you always have something to aim for. This
is a good way to keep you moving in the right direction. It’s also crucial to set plenty of small goals that are
attainable – these will equally keep you positive and motivated.

2. Network – find like-minded people who can help guide you to those goals and that you can ask for help.
Networking is a fabulous way to meet new people and connect over shared interests – you never know who
you might bump into!

3. Learn – knowledge is power! Read plenty of business books or listen to podcasts so you are always learning
and pushing the business forward. A business that isn’t with the times will never succeed – you need to be
constantly ahead of the curve and in tune with what consumers are demanding!

4. Make the most of free resources – don’t be afraid to utilise free resources. For example, there are
government funded business coaches, podcasts to listen to, friends to bounce ideas off of and so on. Don’t
forget about one of the most powerful tools out there, either – social media.

5. Courage! – be brave and just go for it! Even a failure is useful experience that you’ll be able to channel into
your next goal. Many entrepreneurs will say that the number one source of information is gathered from the
mistakes they’ve made – so don’t sweat it if everything doesn’t go as planned.

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