10 Gift Ideas for a New Relationship


We all encounter the same dilemma when we start a new relationship and that first birthday or anniversary arrives: “What should I buy them as a gift?” 

The struggle is real, especially when the relationship is under six months. To solve your problems, we’ve compiled a list sure to warm the cockles of your partner’s heart.

Handwritten Love Letter

In this day-and-age, where everything is digital, your significant other is bound to appreciate a bit of handwriting. When packaging it, skip the chocolate and pair it with a single rose. For an added touch, spray the letter with your favourite EDT reminding them of you every time they read it.

Homecooked Meal

Grab your apron and call your lover. It’s always a good idea to know their favourite dish and try to replicate the recipe! However, if they’re a fan of something a bit more complicated – Beef Wellington?? Then stick to what you know. Cook your specialty and impress them. 

You definitely want to have a schedule in mind for this gift. In other words, have wine (or beer) ready, know how long it will take to cook your entree, and have a fun dessert to top-off the night. Ice cream is usually a winner – provided they don’t have lactose intolerance!

You could have everything ready when they arrive, but I find it’s more fun to show off your skills while they’re there. Show them you’ve put both efforts and thought into your actions.

Story Book Romance

WARNING: This gift idea may make your partner cry actual tears. Those arty types could consider making a book of your love story on your own.

This site – LoveBook – is one of my favourites for personalised gifts that are very creative. You are able to customise cartoon versions of you and your partner and pick out pre-illustrated pages to tell the story of how you met.

Photo Album

A picture speaks more than a thousand words. For this gift idea, you have several options like buying an empty scrapbook and filling it up with your photographs. 

For a more modern look, you can use sites, like Shutterfly, to upload your pictures and customize a photo book This can be an ongoing gift for every year and would look great on a coffee table in the future. 

Personalised Blanket 

Never underestimate the power of a soft blanket. Just like you can customise a photo book, you can add photos to a comforter. If your partner has a pet, create a blanket with photos of their furry friend instead!

Personalised Keychain

Sounds simple yet so perfect for new couples. Especially those of you in a long distance relationship. Etsy is the perfect marketplace to turn to for personalised items like these. Ideally, you’ll buy a matching set.

Your keychain can have their initials and anniversary date on it, while your partner’s keychain has your initials. Alternatively, if you are in a long distance relationship, you can engrave each other’s state (or country) on the keychain plate. 

Tie Bars

This gift is a great way to add to his style and can be a casual accessory depending on your partner. Don’t get him a boring tie bar. Instead, look for unique items he wouldn’t expect. There are custom tie bars available that are shaped like planes, feathers, and even guitars! Consider their hobbies and go from there. 

Wine Box

Is your partner a wine connoisseur? Whether you want to gift them one bottle or three, this gift idea is sure to get them excited. Wine lovers like to try new wines, so you can look in nearby liquor stores, or try a wine gift box online to be delivered straight to their door.

Watch Box

If you notice that your partner loves watches, but has them stuffed in a drawer somewhere, get them a watch box! Personal Creations is a great site where you can customise a watch box with initials.

 And while your budget may not stretch to accommodate the Richard Mille prices out there, it is worth bearing in mind that if this romance blossoms into something spectacular and you really want to show them you care it’s a good idea to start putting away your pennies for a gift such as this!

Star Map

A star map is used to map out the sky to locate and identify constellations and galaxies. You can now go to sites like The Night Sky and create a snapshot of the sky based on a significant date for you and your loved one. Be it the night you met, first kiss, or anniversary, this is a sweet gift that will remind your partner how special your relationship is. 

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