Simple, lavish gift ideas for loved ones far away this Christmas


Knowing that some of your loved ones won’t be physically with you this Christmas can feel undoubtedly bittersweet, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo gifting them with a festive present. After all, their isolation can be exactly what makes them yearn for something new!

Whether the loved one in question is a friend who has emigrated, a nomadic type who is rarely at home or a lover in a long-distance relationship with you, here are a few example gifts that can make a lasting impression – and leave the distance between you and them less perceptible.

A world map poster

For someone progressing through their itinerary of places they have always wanted to visit around the world, you can’t go far wrong with a massive map which they can use to keep track of where they have been. This gift is especially appealing for its cost-effectiveness, too.

“Dave”, who runs the Jones Around The World blog, recommends scratch-off map posters, enthusing that he loves “scratching off the recent destinations that I visited”.

Waterproof gadgetry

The person might already have a water-resistant phone, and could find it particularly invaluable if they are close to an exotic beach or swimming pool – yes, lucky them – and want to enjoy it without having to worry about their device potentially going kaput.

However, why not get them a waterproof accessory, such as a portable speaker? That way, they can have music playing even beside the pool, safe in the knowledge that this music won’t stop playing.

An e-reader

Print books are notorious in travel backpacks, where they tend to take up excessive space and, even when taken out, could too easily get damp if, say, a shower breaks out abruptly. It all adds up to a convincing case for investing in an e-reader like an Amazon Kindle for a nomadic recipient.

One great reason to choose a Kindle specifically is that it would allow access to Kindle Unlimited, whereby users can read one e-book after another for free.

A new watch

“But surely they aren’t going to lose track of the time?” Yes, but watches can serve as much more than just timepieces these days. They can, for example, be super-stylish; your loved one might have already built up a collection of watches to which they would appreciate you adding.

If you wouldn’t consider it too expensive, you could even go for an Apple Watch, which Mashable advocates for a long-distance partner, as it can keep them busy until their next meeting with you.


Well, with New Year’s Eve on the way, the festive season would be a good time to send your long-distance chum a tipple which they might be willing to save for a turn-of-the-year knees-up. They might not have enough time to travel to where you are to enjoy NYE with you, after all.

There are many creative ways to provide champagne, too; just check out these champagne gift sets, allowing you to present the drink with, say, chocolates or flutes.

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