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What is the UK’s favourite festive tradition?


Christmas dinner, decorating the tree and exchanging presents are among the UK’s best-loved festive traditions, according to research. Three quarters (73 per cent) revealed customs will be especially meaningful this year – with 26 per cent planning to adopt more of them than ever before. The M&S Bank research also found one in five are […]


Newlywed gift ideas for a virtual wedding

photo by the Lancaster Guardian

With weddings being cancelled around the world due to the pandemic, some couples are choosing to move forward with their wedding day, even if that means doing so without guests! If you happen to be one of these guests that won’t be able to attend, you can certainly make it up to the couple through […]


Simple, lavish gift ideas for loved ones far away this Christmas


Knowing that some of your loved ones won’t be physically with you this Christmas can feel undoubtedly bittersweet, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo gifting them with a festive present. After all, their isolation can be exactly what makes them yearn for something new! Whether the loved one in question is a friend […]