5 Simple furnishings that add variety to any room


Given how expensive it can prove to furnish a home – think luxury chairs and seating – the last thing you want is to splash the cash on a fancy sofa or table only to find that… well, it looks dated already. Still, budgetary concerns could force you to limit your shopping to the likes of flea markets and antique stores.

In this situation, sorting the gems from the rubbish can be tricky. However, it’s largely just a matter of knowing what to look out for. Here are some items that can be repeatedly repurposed.

See-through furnishings

When are furnishings… not quite furnishings? When you can see right through them. Obviously, in the case of some furnishings, like curtains, this can seemingly defeat the point of using them. However, in other instances, the transparency can effectively serve as visual magic.

Just consider how well glass tables work in a largely white space, as The Spruce shows. They can also work well with the minimalist look, or if you want to let in more light, as those curtains would!

Wall hangings

There are quite a few obvious ways of adding colour and pattern to a wall. Those include painting them and affixing framed pieces of art. What you might not have considered quite as closely, however, is hanging up a beautifully elaborate piece of fabric – such as a tapestry, if you have one.

Architectural Digest demonstrates how a weaved hanging, for example, can add texture to a wall. As an added benefit, you can easily take down fabric hangings when you need to move between homes.

Leather club chairs

Naturally, in the home, there’s always the need for somewhere to sit. However, finding seating that is not only comfortable but also capable of looking good in any part of the home can be arduous.

That’s the cue, though, for leather club chairs to step forward (obviously not literally, even if they do technically have feet). These chairs are soft and smooth, helping to explain why you can easily sit in them for hours on end, as realtor.com implies.


Now you know where you and visitors can enjoyably park their backsides, but where should everyone’s feet go? On some lovely footstools, we could convincingly argue. Just consider the example of the chaise ottomans available in various designs from Simply Chaise.

When you choose to buy a footstool online, you can take your pick of fabric and material – but, all the while, rest assured that high quality is guaranteed, at least when buying from the right company.


“Hang on,” you might be thinking, “haven’t those been mentioned earlier?” You might be thinking of the wall hangings, which can indeed be visually akin to rugs in many ways.

You could see particular sense in considering an Oriental rug. After all, it can be easily moved between rooms while ageing well even as foot traffic leaves wear and tear over time. Such imperfections would merely add to the aesthetic appeal, leaving the rug ageing like a fine wine, you could say.

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