How to make your home a safe space

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Today’s world is full of uncertainty with many people spending far more time at home than in the past due to COVID-19. Turning your home into the safest space possible can be a great way to spend your extra time.

The best thing that can be done is to create a list of how you can make your home safer.  Making the home a safe space also is imperative as you never know how this crisis will ultimately play out. Taking a proactive approach to safety in the home by following these tips: 

Security systems and RING cameras

Times of crisis might lead people to take advantage of others and commit crimes. There are people working in the medical field that have their homes empty all day. Now that workers that are not essential are not being utilised, this gives far more time to learn a person’s schedule.

Times are tough and this could lead to crime in order to make ends meet or feed a family. Security systems are affordable and RING systems can allow you to scare off a potential burglar even if you are not home. Take the time to look into the variety of options you have to protect your family and home.

Clean out that cluttered garage 

A cluttered garage can be dangerous for children and even adults. Those stacked piles of items that have nbeen left diorganised all this time should be done now.

During social distancing, there is nothing that can help pass the time than that of cleaning the garage. You most likely are not going to spend a weekend doing this after this strange period in history so take care of it now.

Shelves will make this far easier as everything can pile up quickly if these are not utilised. Be honest with yourself about those items you can donate or simply throw away.

Use the time for home improvements

There are certain parts of the home like a cracked stair or slippery area that can be remedied during this time. Watching movies or playing video games can take up time but taking on projects is more productive.

Doing something like making a home safer for a baby to come can be the perfect way to spend time. It may be fitting baby gates or mkaing sure xupboards containing items like bleach are secure.

For those DIY experts, this can be the time to completely revamp the home to add value to your investment.

Add signage for positive vibes

Staying positive can be tough during this time and staying in the home can lead you to have a negative attitude.

Putting up custom wood signs to remind you and your family that things will improve is imperative. A tough situation is never improved with a negative attitude especially when spending long hours isolated with your family. Making a family sign for each person with a saying that appeals to them or is special to them can work wonders.

Every family has a saying that is used commonly that everyone bonds over. You do not have to settle for generic sayings as there are options online that you can take advantage of today!

Making your home a safe space can be a great way to utilise the extra time that you have in today’s world. Take the time to list out different projects that you want to finish around the house to make the home safer for everyone.


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