Reality bites: ‘Too hot to handle’ stars’ insta-nt earnings


If you couldn’t get enough of Love Island, there’s a new show on the block that takes flirty Tinder swipers and turn them into overnight celebs.

Too Hot to Handle – a reality dating show – on Netflix, offers prize momey to the winning contestant. The premise of the show is to teach young, single people to create genuine connections instead of having flings. If contestants engage in any sexual contact during the retreat, then the prize money decreases.

But the cash they might win becomes a mere afterthought when they realise how much they can actually make on Instagram following their new found fame.

Attain Design tracked how many followers each contestant had when the show first aired on Netflix and compared it to how many they had on April 29, to compare pre and post-show earnings.


    Francesca Farago


    300,000 3,100,000 933.33% £515 £6,567

    Harry Jowsey


    140,000 2,400,000 1614.29% £246 £5,212

    Chloe Veitch


    2,900 1,000,000 34382.76% £5 £2,168

    Rhonda Paul


    10,000 800,000 7900.00% £25 £2,462

    David Birtwistle


    25,700 766,000 2880.54% £67 £2,467

    Kori Sampson


    29,000 544,000 1775.86% £76 £1,760

    Matthew Smith


    99,900 529,000 429.53% £257 £1,682

    Sharron Townsend


    13,800 528,000 3726.09% £36 £1,698

    Nicole O’Brien


    9,800 521,000 5216.33% £26 £1,674

    Kelechi Dyke


    3,800 424,000 11057.89% £10 £1,315

    Lydia Clyma


    13,600 416,000 2958.82% £35 £1,339

    Haley Cureton


    10,200 407,000 3890.20% £26 £1,263

    Bryce Hirschberg


    11,400 245,000 2049.12% £270 £784

    Madison Wyborny


    25,000 144,000 476.00% £66 £467


    As you can see from the findings above, Francesca Farago is currently estimated to earn upwards of £6,500 for a paid post on Instagram. Not bad considering she was pocketing around £515 per post previously.

    At her current rate of posting earning an estimated £515 per post she would be on course to earn £57,680 through sponsored posts. Now at the same rate of posting for January-March extended throughout the year that could turn into £735,504!

    To put them 3 million followers into some context, that’s already more than nearly every “Love Island” alumni and she’s recently surpassed celebrities the stature of Rami Malek, Deontay Wilder and The Schofe.

    The other half of the new power couple, Harry Jowsey meanwhile, stands to cash in on at least £5,000 for each post that is sent out to his ever-growing number of followers, an increase of 2019% to date.

    For some context to these potential earnings, if they stay together and each of them post 1 sponsored ad on Instagram per week, as a couple they could be earning £600,000 a year on Instagram. Influencer Marketing Hub’s “Instagram Money Calculator” to predict estimated earnings, taking the median value of the range provided. Earnings are based on just follower count but also engagement rate on existing posts.

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