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Summer is almost upon us and it can be a great time of the year to reset your lifestyle. Whether it’s the food that you eat, the changes you make to your daily lifestyle or making more of your days, it is time to start enjoying the summer season ahead.

But what changes can you make to ensure that you embrace the warmer days and months ahead. Here are some of the top tips to consider:

Is it time to get healthy?

Maybe by now, you are already in the midst of a health kick. Getting healthy doesn’t just mean looking at the food you are eating, cutting out the alcohol during the week or even just giving the biscuits and chocolate a miss. You can do so much more to engulf your health kick, and it’s the perfect way to prepare yourself for summer. 

Drink more water

Drinking more water is a great way to boost your health. It can aid in weight loss and your mood levels, as well as improve your skin condition and tone. It is nature’s natural detox after all, and the recommended intake is around two litres of water a day. It can be difficult to get into the habit of drinking that much, especially if you reach for those sugary drinks every chance you get. But it can be a great way to boost your health and also get yourself feeling fresh for the summer ahead. 

Improve our diets

Maybe you have been dieting for the last month or trying to lose a few pounds, but often a diet isn’t a sustainable way to eat in the long term. So maybe now is the time to place more of a focus on a balanced diet moving forward. Enabling yourself to enjoy the odd treat here and there to keep you motivated. 

Is it time to change our fashion choices?

As much as we can all really embrace the large jumper, skinny jeans and ankle boots season, we need to start considering our fashion choices leading up to the Summer months. Even in lockdown we have been subject to the comfy clothes and loungewear a little more often than we should be. Now is the time to ditch them and embrace your summer wardrobe. 

Let’s think about the accessories

One of the first things to think about would be the accessories that you have for your outfits this summer. Anything from the bag that you choose to the glasses that you wear. Either prescription or sunglasses there is often a popular choice that people tend to go for. You also need to think about the shoes that you wear as well as belts, hats, and other accessories that you think may enhance your summer outfit. The small additions could make the biggest of differences. 

Let’s ditch the black clothes

Some of us will gravitate to darker colours during the winter months, and why wouldn’t we? Black is a very flattering colour. But now the weather is starting to improve, and we are getting lighter days, maybe now is the time to start adding some colour into our fashion choices. You could make a gradual change by adding a brighter shirt or top to your usual outfit choice. It can also have an impact on your mood. 

Bring back the skirts and dresses

It has been a while, but you can now wear your favourite maxi dress or skirt without shivering. It is time to embrace the dresses and skirts, be that maxi, midi or mini. Team them with sandals or take on the new trend of enjoying these comfortable styles with a pair of white trainers. It could be a great way to jazz up your summer wardrobe and feel comfortable, without feeling like you are overdressed. Dresses and skirts are the perfect summer outfit option, and definitely one to embrace now the weather is getting warmer. 

Update your wardrobe

Finally, now is the ideal time to start going through any clothes you put away last summer and giving them a sort through. Deciding what you want to keep and perhaps donating or reselling any other clothes online. The spring and summer fashion will soon be hitting the stores, so it’s the perfect chance to be prepared, so you know what your wardrobe needs updating with. 

Let’s hope this has offered you some tips on how you can get yourself ready for the warmer season and to embrace the summer with your style and lifestyle in check. 


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