Do firming creams really work for loose skin?

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There are two big skin problems that everyone faces in their life; dry skin and loose skin.

These two problems can get worse over time as you leave them, especially in the case of loose skin. There seems to be an optimal time where you should be focusing on dealing with loose skin so that you don’t end up with permanently stretched skin.

This is usually the case for people that have recently lost a lot of weight and are facing the prospect of sagging skin.

The way to try to avoid this is by losing weight at a steady pace and building muscles to replace the fat that you’ve lost. This is generally the case for most of the body, but what about the face?

Unfortunately, there’s little evidence to support facial exercises and their ability to tighten the skin around the face. For that, we have access to many different firming creams that promise to tighten our skin and provide a youthful complexion. But how effective are these creams? Do they work on everyone? Is there science behind it? Are there alternatives? We’ll be answering all of these questions in this short and concise article.

Do firming creams actually work?

Most firming creams will aim to moisturise your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin. This often gives your skin a firm and tight appearance without actually changing anything on a deep level.  As such, these effects don’t last for a long time, but they can be an effective way to improve your overall appearance and reduce the effect of loose skin. However, there are some firming creams that contain ingredients which actively help to tighten your skin.

What’s the science behind firming creams?

Firming creams can contain a product known as a retinoid. These prevent free radical damage which causes ageing in the skin and helps to boost collagen production. Collagen helps your skin maintain its elasticity which prevents loose skin. By boosting this with the help of a retinoid, your skin can maintain a healthy and youthful complexion without needing to resort to cosmetic procedures, but these creams can be expensive and results may vary from person to person.

Are there alternatives?

There are a couple of alternatives such as grapeseed oil, a natural remedy that helps with skin moisture, softness and elasticity since it helps the vitamin E and C in your skin. Alternatively, you can also take more drastic measures such as a facelift. Cosmetic procedures are considered a sure way to remedy loose skin but you’ll need to do your research and find a suitable surgeon that you trust.

This is something most people know, but did you know there are different types too? Facelifts are done in many different types. One of them is called a coronal brow lift. Getting a coronal brow lift is a type of Facelift that works on the upper part of the face.

Some final words

We would suggest a combination of a healthy diet and exercise to help firm up your skin. Areas that are loose can generally be remedied with a combination of firming creams, a healthy diet and cosmetic procedures if needed. But to answer the title of the article; yes. Firming creams do work to some extent assuming they have the right chemicals and it’s worth trying them for loose skin, though your results may vary.

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