Top tips for a wardrobe makeover

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How many times have you looked through your wardrobe and despaired at having nothing to wear? Do you struggle to combine pieces despite having a full closet? Want to create new looks from old clothes? Or are just not just sure what clothes suit you and want to reinvent your wardrobe?

Coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing are three words that have only recently entered our daily lexicon and have since become the new norm.

With unemployment rising steeply, wages falling and no immediate prospects of a return to normality, it all begs the question for the fashionista-“How do we stay trendy in the Covid era?”

It requires a true balancing act-reconciling our shrinking fashion budgets with our desire to stay on top of the latest trends. However, quite often it’s the case that we have all the clothes we need – we just don’t quite know how to use them effectively to put together the perfect outfit.

We will share some insights on how a simple wardrobe makeover can help you optimise your usage of your wardrobe to make sure you look your best on any day for every occasion.

Step 1: Reorganise your wardrobe

The first step is easy. Simply open your wardrobe and sift through your clothes. Often as we dig through our wardrobes, we discover long forgotten items of clothing.

Categorise your wardrobe to why not create a capsule wardrobe? Now there are many ways to do this and the way you choose to go about this depends on your wardrobe size and your personal preferences. We recommend that you partition your wardrobe based on seasons, subdividing for top, bottom and underwear.

Step 2: Get creative

This is the fun part. Don’t let your wardrobe categorisation box your imagination. Our clothes say a lot about us and it’s important we reflect on our fashion choices. Most of us wish to change up our outfits, hating having to pull out last summer’s dress to get us through one more excursion. Our advice: Don’t! Mix it up. There are two ways to do this.

Learn to be creative with your pairings to breathe life into old clothes. Customising outfit choices is a great way to create something unique. For example, old sweaters that no longer fit properly can easily, with a little tweaking be used as a comfy cold shoulder jumper. Paired with jeans, long boots and accessorised with a shoulder bag and matching jewellery gives you a new chic look for those dreary winter days.

Or you can be bolder still. Tailor your outfits and open the possibility for infinite innovations! Don’t know how to tailor? No worries! There exist many great channels that will guide people of all skill levels like “Made to Sew”. Its beginner tutorials will help even the rawest of novices get to grips with the basics of tailoring. Simple steps like a change of buttons, shortening a dress or cutting the shoulders can go a long way in reinventing an outfit and coupled with a different pairing will give you a completely fresh look.

In this way we can suddenly multiply the number of available outfits. Fashion is not about spending big but about spending smart. Buy the right clothes for you. Follow your favourite trends and understand your wardrobe. Doing so will be the first step in helping you use your wardrobe more efficiently.

Step 3: Suggested shopping list

Sometimes step 2 may just suffice. But more often than not we will need to make a few minor additions. Firstly, you will need to identify what you need. The previous step will have highlighted what your wardrobe lacks and this information will allow you to make informed decisions on what to get to give you the ability to be truly versatile in your fashion choices.

You may lack certain accessories or a particular colour. Work within your budget to shop around to buy the best items for your wardrobe. Adopt a change in mind-set. Our clothes are not a singular item but are part of a collective in the shape of our wardrobe. Learn to buy clothes that can be integrated into your wardrobe in a way that increases the breadth of choices available to you and that allows you to get more out of each piece.

With the financial pressures of Covid-19 continuing to mount and the need to stay fashionable an important necessity in today’s world, a simple wardrobe makeover can open up a host of new outfits possibilities you never thought attainable.

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