The perfect pandemic presents


If you want to send a present to someone during this pandemic, then it can be a little difficult to decide what is best.

You’ll need something that can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door; you’ll also want to get them something they can use right now and something that will hopefully put a smile on their face. So if you’re looking for inspiration then look no further, here is a list of nine pandemic present ideas: 


Going through your photos will keep you busy, but it will also make you happy and bring back some lovely memories. Then once you have picked out some good snaps, you can either create an album online, get them printed on a cushion, make a calendar, a key ring, a canvas print – the choices are endless when it comes to personalised photo gifts, and any of them would work right now to cheer someone up or to let them know you’re missing them.


Everyone likes to receive a bunch of flowers, and luckily there are some for every occasion and every budget, plus you can easily order flowers online to be delivered to the recipient directly. 


It might not seem like the obvious thing to send right now, but if you know someone who’s celebrating a big birthday, then they need spoiling, and jewellery is a great way to do this. Also, if you know any couples who should have been getting married, then a gift on the day of their would-be wedding would be a nice touch. You can get some great couples watches from Mondaine, which would make the perfect gift for this occasion. 


Most people are getting through this pandemic by snacking, so why not treat them to a hamper of their favorites? Check out lockdown chocolate boxes – absolute winner every time.

A streaming service

Another thing that is getting people through this time is the TV. Why not treat someone to a Netflix subscription or something like Disney+?

A jigsaw

You can buy a 1000 piece jigsaw online and give someone something to do and something to challenge them. What’s great about jigsaws too is that you can get some beautiful pictures, and once your friend has completed it, you could get them some jigsaw glue so that they can keep it together and frame it. 

Colouring book

Adult colouring books are becoming increasingly popular, and COVID-19 will no doubt have contributed to this. It’s a lovely gift to send someone and isn’t very expensive. Colouring in can really help with mindfulness and relaxing, so if you know someone who could do with something to help them take their mind off things, then a colouring book could be ideal.

A Shakti Mat

A Shakti Acupressure Mat is a daily self-care tool based on the Indian bed of nails. These mats are really affordable and can help you to relax your mind and body in just 20 minutes. If you know someone who could do with a bit of extra help relaxing, then give this a go. 


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