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The perfect pandemic presents


If you want to send a present to someone during this pandemic, then it can be a little difficult to decide what is best. You’ll need something that can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door; you’ll also want to get them something they can use right now and something that will hopefully put a […]


3 Gardening tips you can implement right now to maximise your summer bloom


Cultivating plants is not only a relaxing, therapeutic hobby that gets you outside – it’s one that you can enjoy throughout the year if you know what you are doing. If you’ve done gardening before, you’ll know that to be successful, you will need to be strict with yourself and keep up with the jobs […]


Garden on the Balcony: How to Create Your Own Private Paradise

Various small Cacti

People who own apartments tend to think their home is unsuitable for growing flowers. But an apartment with a balcony,  regardless of size, can always serve as a garden if you are ingenious enough. By carefully using every square inch of space, you ensure that a balcony garden becomes viable and that it will be […]