7 basics to help you create a powerful CV

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Often interviewers just scan a CV before deciding whether or not a candidate is right for the position. Their first impression of your CV could be the key to you getting your dream job.

Do not just be another candidate discarded into a pile. Use these 7 simple tips to make your curriculum vitae stand out from the crowd and get you that position you have always dreamed of.

Write the resume for the job

Make sure that your CV highlights skills that are especially relevant to the field to which you are applying. This will show possible employers that you understand the position and what your responsibilities will be. It may take you longer to customise each CV for the job to which you apply, but potential employers will recognise and place a value on your attention to detail. All of these are aspects that potential employers are looking for when they are building or forming their teams.

Employ powerful words

This is especially important if you submit your CV via an electronic channel. Many employers use software that can recognize certain words the company wants to be used. Properly format and customise your CV to successfully get past this step. Be sure to thoroughly read the job description and reflect your understanding of the position. In other cases, you also want to pay attention to the words that you use. Make your speech engaging and relevant to the industry in particular and your CV will not be cast aside.

Show how well you understand the industry

Being aware of the top trends in your chosen field has the ability to demonstrate your capacity to gain new information and will also establish you as an authority on the topic. Employers are looking for candidates who not only show knowledge about the field but also curiosity and a thirst for new information. Be sure that you are up to date with news and changes in this industry. This will help you to speak about it if you get to an interview stage.

Do not just list your capabilities

It is important when you are writing up your CV, not to dwell on the responsibilities you have had a previous position. Instead, spend time on the things that you have accomplished. Employers want to see results, and the best way you can show that you can achieve them is to show evidence of having done so in the past. Use quantifiable data that can easily be fact-checked.

A strong CV in addition to a certificate or equal document to indicate your completion of AWS training can make you an ideal candidate in your chosen field. If this training has had an impact on your work and how you view it, do not hesitate to make that clear in the language of your CV. Potential employers are usually looking to hire an employee who can get to the point and are not modest about their accomplishments.

Have a good opener

We already know that the vast majority of employers barely glance at a CV. It is best to start off with a ‘hook’ that will grab their attention. Start by describing the things that you are skilled at and personal accomplishments that are applicable to the industry. This starting paragraph, though it may be small, is generally all an employer has to go on to get to know you. First impressions matter. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Show how you have grown in the industry

We all start from a lower position than the one we aspire to, and the whole point of your CV is to show how you have become more knowledgeable and adapted to changing landscapes with ease. Your CV should not only detail the challenges you have faced, but also the steps that you took to overcome them. This is a crucial part of a CV, displaying how you are able to grow and adapt to any changes that come your way. This will signal to a potential employer that you are a strong candidate who can handle the position.

Make it known that you can network

We have all heard that old adage, “It’s not about what you know but who you know”. This is true and your CV should reflect the amount of time you have spent networking during your college years or previous job experience. This will show possible employers that you have strong communication skills. Employers are usually looking for a candidate who can exhibit these and meet clients with ease and conviviality.


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