Best contactless credit card readers for beauty salons

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If you run your own beauty salon, you may be wondering what the best way is to efficiently accept customer payments while keeping yourself and your customers as safe as possible. If you’ve been looking into a credit card processing cash discount program, for example, you may be considering getting contactless card readers to encourage credit card payments.

Even though the beauty business tends to be hands-on, your payment methods don’t have to be. In fact, in today’s hectic world, many customers find paying by card more convenient than paying with cash, and contactless readers can help make the process even easier than before. If you’re on the fence about whether using a contactless pos device is right for your business, here are a few essential considerations to keep in mind.

Consider countertop machines and Clover Flex

When your customers are ready to leave the salon, they don’t want to be held back by lengthy checkout processes that seem to take all afternoon. By getting a countertop machine, whether a large one or a handheld-sized one, you can eliminate this frustration and keep customers happy. Depending on which type you purchase, a contactless reader machine can have several benefits at checkout time, including:

  • Syncing up with your electronic system
  • Accepting several contactless payment methods
  • Processing figures at the end of the day for easier accounting

Additionally, they could be more affordable than you realize. Since there’s a solution for just about every business, you may want to check which clover flex price fits your company budget best.

Use it to build your customer base

When your payment method is slow and frustrating, customers may be inclined to leave your business and go elsewhere. On the other hand, when you provide excellent customer service, including at payment time, customers may be more likely to give you repeat business. This can help you build up a healthy base of regular customers, which benefits your company’s bottom line and gives you a reliable stream of income. Additionally, if the word spreads about your quick, friendly service, you could even attract new clients by word-of-mouth advertising!

Use contactless readers instead of handling cash

Finally, if you’re tired of dealing with piles of cash and having to do all your business accounting by hand, getting a contactless card reader could be the perfect way to simplify your finances. You won’t have to deal with hauling bags of cash to the bank, and can instead handle all of your finances electronically.

Running your own beauty salon involves a lot of hands-on time with customers, but when it comes to making payments as easy and efficient as possible, hands-off methods could be the way to go. When you use contactless credit card readers, you make payment quick and painless for customers, giving them the accessible convenience that many now prefer. If you’re debating whether getting a contactless card reader is the right choice for your business, consider these key facts and how it could potentially benefit your company. Find the right card reader for your business today!

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