Kitchen expert reveals five legacy brands that still rule the roost

THEY are the kitchenware keepsakes that remain a constant throughout changing trends and would be almost impossible to part with.  Mixing bowls, Dutch ovens and classic crockery of timeless designs from manufacturers with proud histories. Passed down from generation to generation, they have stood the test of time while other tableware and kitchen utensil fads have come and gone.
Now interiors experts at Silver Mushroom have pooled their knowledge to come up with their top five legacy brands that keep on delivering.
“Nothing beats using the old mixing bowl grandma used to bake with,” says Rebecca Kane, founder of the popular online marketplace.
“Treasured hand-me-downs fill us with pleasant memories of our childhood or perhaps family members we’ve lost.
“One thing’s for sure, they come back to life when we dig them out and let culinary magic happen.”
Here are some of the all-time kitchenware classics that would probably have to be wrenched from the hands of any proud owners:


Established in 1842 and famous for its sealed click top and screw-tight preserve jars, Kilner has become the go-to brand for pickle and jam makers.
They also include butter churners and coffee grinders in their catalogue, along with a drinks range which also features dispensing taps – ideal for making and dispensing fruit summer punch.
And, of course, there are matching jars with crafted handles to enjoy the punch in.

Le Creuset

Founded in 1925, this premium French cookware brand is best known for its brightly coloured enamelled cast iron casserole dishes and saucepans.
The products are much prized for heating up quickly and retaining a desired temperature.
Many kitchens around the UK will boast a Dutch oven that has served up hundreds of stews over the years.
According to Le Creuset: “ Our cast iron casseroles are the product of nearly a century of refinement. Passed down through generations, they get better with age.”

Mason Cash

The ultimate in mixing bowls that will be instantly recognisable to anyone with a passion or baking.
The distinctive, large light-brown mixing bowls have been in use since 1901 and are still manufactured at the original factory in Derbyshire.
Simple in design, they have stood the test of time and brought many parents and children together for cake baking and biscuit making.


Another favourite from Derbyshire, this world famous tableware and cookware brand has put the town it is named after firmly on the map since being founded more than 200 years ago.
Denby products are still made on the original site and only ever used locally sourced clay.
Around the 1920s it proudly produced its ‘never drip’ blue teapot, strengthening further its reputation for excellence.

Villeroy & Boch

The German ceramics expert creates high-quality porcelain and is famed for its meticulous approach to quality control.
Founded in 1748, Villeroy & Boch now produce a variety of different styles – from the classic Royal range to innovative New Wave tableware sets.
They are also a staple on weddings lists, setting up newly weds for some luxury fine dining on exceptional plates and bowls.
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