How long does it take to sell a Wirral home?


Wirral, although one of the most promising places to own a home, is  witnessing some form of a hindrance when it comes to selling a house.

The reason is simple. The COVID – 19  pandemic has led to a global financial slowdown that affected all the major sectors of the economy, including the real estate sector and Wirral real estate sector, is no exception.

How long did it take to see a Wirral property before the pandemic?

Well, typically, as per research conducted by proficient estate agents specialising in selling Wirral homes, it took nearly 2 – 3 weeks for a home to be sold, back in pre-pandemic days.

What about now?

Well, double the above which means 4 – 6 weeks, if all goes smoothly.

Is there any way to fast track the whole process?


What are those?

Well, they are as follows –

Dramatically reduce your price

Wirral is one of the most desirable locations in the world to own a home. This is the reason why sellers never had trouble to find a buyer for their Wirral property but that situation has changed, no thanks to COVID – 19.

So what is the solution? Well, one would need to dramatically reduce the asking price for their property if they want to sell their home fast. For instance, if the listed price for your property is £400,000, it would be a wise decision to reduce the asking price by 50,000 pounds.

Note –

This should be done after consulting with a letting agent as they will be able to choose the right time to update the price by considering the market trends. In the end, altering the asking price of a property is still, one of the most effective ways to sell it fast. Give it a try.

Find the top real estate agent in your area

This goes without saying that hiring the top letting agent that specializes in the letting as well as selling of Wirral properties is the way of the wise. These professionals have

  • The marketing skills
  • The negotiating prowess
  • The contacts
  • The resources
  • The track record that would give your property the boost it needs to entice the right buyer, in no time.

Need more convincing?

Remove personalised items for your house.

It is a good idea to remove all signs of your family from your home before you plan on putting it up on the market. If your letting agent has finally scored a prospective buyer and the latter wants to visit your property, they should look at a property that is as blank as a blank canvas. This would allow them to imagine themselves and their loved ones, making memories in the property thus increasing your chances of securing a deal in no time.

Things will get back to normal but not before the invention of the vaccine for COVID – 19. Furthermore, the effects of the virus on the spending habits of the global population will tend to stick around for long. In the meantime, if one has plans to sell their property in Wirral fast, they would need to hire a professional agent that specialises in the sales and proper representation for Wirral properties and homes.


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