Ready to pop the question?


Proposing to a partner is a big step in a relationship. It’s therefore important to plan and prepare for the moment. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself before you pop the question.

Will they say ‘yes’?

If you have your doubts that your partner will say ‘yes’, then it’s probably not the right time to propose. There’s no rule as to how far into a relationship you should consider proposing. However, you should both be at a happy and stable stage before the idea of marriage is brought up. If your partner has been dropping hints that you should propose or they have been talking about marriage a lot, then you know that it’s the right time to pop the question. If your partner has been hesitant to commit to other things such as moving in together or introducing you to parents, then you may want to hold off.

Have you asked their father for his blessing?

It’s tradition to ask the father for their blessing before you ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. You don’t have to go down this traditional route – there may not even be much point if your partner is not close to their father. However, if your partner’s family seems likely to be quite old-skool, you may want to consider doing it just to please them.  

Have you bought a ring?

You should also consider whether or not to propose with a ring. Some people propose and then buy the ring after, however most people like to do it with the ring. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, you can expect to pay a lot of money for something decent. As a result, you may  want to spend a few months saving up the necessary funds. You can shop online for engagement rings at sites like or you try your local jewellers. Both shopping online and shopping locally have their own perks – it’s best to try both. Knowing which style and which size to buy can sometimes be the hardest part of buying an engagement ring. This may involve getting some cunning help from their friends and family.

Where – and how – will you pop the question?

You can propose anywhere you like. Some people do it in the comfort of their home, while others choose exotic and luxurious locations. It could be a private event or it could be a public event. Consider what the best style of proposal is for you two – if you both prefer intimacy over PDA, a private proposal is the better option, while limelight-loving couples are more likely to appreciate a public proposal. Make sure to plan every detail of the proposal out from the location to the presentation of the ring to the speech. You can find inspiration on ways to propose here at

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