Advantages of Double Vanity Units


A double vanity unit is usually a large-sized bathroom appliance that essentially combines a small sink into a larger countertop (typically a wet to dry bar). There are other variations to single vanity units. For instance, they can be freestanding, part of a suite of bathroom vanities, or even simply put as a standalone piece. The term double vanity covers any unit which has two sinks or vanity tops.

Most double vanity units come with two sinks, which can be used interchangeably if required. As it is normally bigger than a regular vanity, most come with an extended sink area or a semi-recessed sink area. This extra storage space comes in handy when changing make-up, shampooing hair, taking a bath, etc. Also, it can sometimes be used for storing extra toiletries in the bathroom. The bathroom counter can also be used as additional storage space for such items.

Double vanities differ from other bathroom fixtures in their capacity to create extra space in the bathroom. Most double vanities units are constructed so that they take up the entire wall space of a bathroom. Thus, even when a bathroom is small, there is plenty of room to move around comfortably. However, some countertops are fitted with elongated slots to accommodate toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shaver cords, and towels, etc.

Most double vanity units have a large sink area; some even have two sinks – a larger one fitted into the top of the double vanity units and a smaller one fitted into the bottom. Some have additional shelves and cabinets attached to the walls of the bathroom. The actual height of these double basin vanity units varies; some are as low as 3 inches while others can be as high as 6 inches. A double vanity unit can have a single sink – which is more common – or it can have two sinks, the smaller in size having pedestal sinks.

Generally speaking, the larger double vanity units have wider counter space whereas the smaller ones tend to have compressed surfaces. This gives the countertop of the unit more functionality than the narrow counter spaces of the smaller vanities. However, most double vanity units tend to have recessed surfaces; this further adds to their utility by providing storage space beneath the countertop.

Some double vanity units have additional storage space; they can have side cabinet drawers fitted into their walls. Further, some double sink vanity units have inset work surfaces whereas the larger double vanity units have raised work surfaces. To enhance their utility value, double sink vanity units can be fitted with mirrored surfaces. Mirrors help to reflect light and make space look bigger; it makes the bathrooms appear more spacious.

Another major advantage of double basin vanity units is that they tend to be wider than standard one basin vanity units. The extra counter space that comes with them allows people to create a more spacious bathroom with proper ventilation. They allow for proper circulation of air within the room and make cleaning of the surfaces easier. In most bathrooms, the floors tend to collect dust and it becomes quite difficult to keep them clean. A double vanity helps to solve this problem.

Similarly, double vanities enable people to create a larger shower area. Most single bathroom units are limited in terms of space, as they are unable to accommodate large single basin sinks. Also, there is limited space available for installing a shower enclosure. However, if people decide to go for a double vanity unit they can get both a single basin and a double basin in one unit. This increases their utility and allows them to effectively utilize the available bathroom space.

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