Buying a watch: 10 things to keep in mind


A watch is an accessory that is a must for any man. A branded or designer watch can not only make you look good, but it will also help to increase your social status. However, many people are confused about selecting the right kind of watch that suits their style and personality. Here we have discussed 10 things that one needs to keep in mind before buying a branded watch.

When you search for a branded or designer watch, there are numerous options available, which can be confusing.


The occasion when you want to wear a watch will decide on the style you choose. Some of the watch styles available  are sports, dress, and casual.

Sports watches will be appropriate for people who enjoy outdoor activities like mountain climbing, while a casual or dress watch can match perfectly with any outfit you choose to wear.

When choosing between sporty and elegant looks, it is advisable not to mix up both as they will have a different impact on your personality. The best way would be to pick one which suits you more than the other because this also indicates what type of person you are!

A classy man should always opt for a classic-looking timepiece such as Rolex Day-Date Automatic or Omega SpeedMaster Professional Co-Axial Chronograph Black Dial. It is important to know that it is not only about the price of a watch but rather its aesthetic appeal.

A casual watch  is perfect for a man who values his freedom and is not a big fan of formalities. Casio, Citizen, or Seiko are perfect examples of casual watches which can be worn on any occasion, such as birthday parties, weddings, etc

Type (analog or digital)

Analog watches are the one which works on quartz or mechanical movement, and they do not need any external source to work. Digital watches are the ones that display time in digits, usually via an LCD screen.

A digital watch is a must-have for those who want to be always connected, but analog ones can give you a more accurate reading of the time as it does not require battery change, etc.


The band and case of the watch can be of different materials like metal, leather, or plastic.

Metal bands and cases are the most durable option, but they will be heavier than other materials like rubber.

There are many options to choose from, making shopping a little complicated task, so it is recommended to take some time before purchasing a watch of your choice.

People with low budgets can go for analog watches because they cost less than digital ones, which come at higher prices but offer more features such as stopwatch function, calendar display, and timer, among others.


It depends from person to person on what kind of features does one needs in their watch like alarm, stopwatch, GPS, countdown timer, calendar, etc.

Digital watches are more functional, and they can show the latest news updates on their display. This is the most useful thing for those who always want to be connected. In an analog watch, all these features would be displayed through the pointer of hands, making it difficult to read the time.

It is recommended that one keeps in mind what kind of features they need in a watch before purchasing one to not regret it after buying.

Their many options available like GPS enabled, alarm clock, or solar-powered. Still, there are some cons with each option, like battery life and compatibility issues, so this must be considered while selecting a particular type of feature you desire in your desired model.

Water resistance 

Water resistant watches are best for active people who want a watch for their hobbies like surfing or water sports. These watches have internal mechanism that are protected from damage due to moisture.

Many people also buy these waterproof watches as they can be worn while washing hands, cleaning the kitchen, or doing gardening work without them getting damaged.

The disadvantage is that you should not wear this type of watch if you often swim in chlorinated pools, which might deteriorate the sealant on your model over time.

One more thing is that before purchasing a water-resistant watch, make sure it has a rating certificate displayed on its dial because only with those models, the warranty will be valid after purchase.

Brand of the watch

One of the key aspects while buying a wrist watch for men is to consider its brand. Brands like Rolex and Omega are known for their durability and reliability in weather conditions, including rainfall or extreme temperatures.

When it comes to brands, one should also focus on mix-matching as this could be an exciting way to wear your outfits if you have two watches with different looks. However, make sure both models suit each other’s style and size before passing them through near body temperature water because they might get deformed after that, which would void the warranty offered by these manufacturers.

Band and dial

The band and the dial are also important things to consider while buying a watch. The band should be made of quality material that is durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear on your wrist.

When it comes to the dial, one should make sure you get an analog or digital version according to their needs as both have their own set of advantages like reading time in different formats like minutes, hours, etc.

Weight of the watch

The weight of the watch is also an important thing to consider while buying a watch. A watch with heavyweight might cause you pain in your wrist and forearm as well.

The weight of the watch is also important because it will need to be carried all day long on one’s arm or hand, so a heavy-duty strap might not be good for someone who only needs their watch for occasional use.

A lighter weight lessens the burden on wrists when carrying this accessory throughout a long workday. On another note, heavier watches tend to have better build quality due to increased metal content, so there are pros and cons associated with each type of material used for making up the band/strap.


If you are someone who appreciates luxury and style in their life, then make sure you get yourself a light but expensive watch because it will be worth the price you pay for it. Of course, you can go with cheaper watches that have high quality if your budget isn’t too big but keep in mind these things about them, and they might not last long, so care should be taken when choosing this type of timepiece.

Night mode

If you are a person who uses the watch at night, you should consider getting a watch that has a night mode that will make the watch read time in blue light.



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