5 Wedding Jewelry Trends That Are Prevalent in 2022


The wedding season is quickly approaching. Happy couples will exchange vows while others will become engaged. What do these couples look for when choosing wedding jewelry? What trends are popular in 2022?

Custom Jewelry

Every couple has a special love story. Why not exchange rings that represent this story? Engagement Rings by Scott’s Custom Jewelers provide a great way to do so, and the happy couple may also have their wedding bands customized. The bride or groom might wish to take this further and have custom pieces created for members of the wedding party. Personalized items remain popular with brides and grooms, so why not share these special pieces with others? Another option involves gifting the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom with customized jewelry items to mark the marriage of their beloved children.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Consider an eternity ring when purchasing a wedding band for your loved one. This ring symbolizes the never-ending love between the two being married, and the groom may choose the style and setting. Although diamonds often adorn these bands, other options should be considered. The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing a ring of this type is the style and metal. They should match the engagement ring as closely as possible since the two will sit next to each other on the hand.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Certain things never go out of style. When it comes to wedding jewelry, the solitaire engagement ring remains popular today. Although most women will never receive a solitaire engagement ring like the 40.42-carat ring Aristotle Onassis used to propose to Jackie Kennedy, they love this style and are thrilled with a smaller version. When they receive this type of ring, they won’t want 13 others. In fact, Victoria Beckham may be the only woman who has ever received 14 engagement rings from the same man. However, no male will ever go wrong when they purchase a solitaire engagement ring for the woman of their dreams.

Hidden Features

A couple may choose to have hidden features in their rings. This feature might be a halo, a symbol, or a hidden accent. However, regardless of what the couple chooses, the feature should represent something that is special to them. This might be a memory, a message to each other, or a secret they share that no one else knows. Work with a jeweler to determine which hidden feature will be best for your unique situation.

Men’s Adornments

Grooms want to look their best on the big day, and adding a touch of sparkle to their outfit is one way to accomplish this goal. Consider a diamond-encrusted wedding band. However, if this isn’t something the groom wants to wear every day, consider other accessories featuring diamonds. This might be a watch or a lapel pin. Cufflinks with diamonds add elegance to any outfit, or the bride may choose a simple wedding band that features a diamond on the inside. She and the groom can be the only two who know about this special feature.

Every couple has their own preferences when it comes to wedding jewelry. Don’t settle for less than perfection when it comes to these pieces. They are meant to be worn for a lifetime, so they need to be everything the couple dreams of. With the help of a jeweler, these pieces can be found or created. Begin shopping today, so you can find those items you love and refuse to live without.

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