Preparing for prom: 4 must-know tips for the perfect night


Proms may have started in the US, but they’ve become firmly established in UK culture. In fact, they’re often hugely important events in the lives of young adults. With that in mind, here are some tips to help create the perfect prom-night experience for your child. 

Start with the outfit 

There are two good reasons for planning a prom outfit early. Firstly, it gives you time to get the right outfit. Secondly, a lot of other decisions stem from it. For example, hair, makeup and accessories will generally be chosen with the outfit in mind. 

The outfit may also influence your travel arrangements. For example, if somebody wants to wear a dress with a wide skirt, the vehicle will need enough space to cope with it. If you’re going to rent a vehicle, it’s generally advisable to arrange this as early as possible. It, therefore, helps to know what someone is planning to wear. 

Similarly, you’ll probably have to decide between renting and buying an outfit. Renting can be an economical option but don’t overlook buying. You don’t necessarily have to go for a hugely expensive outfit. Instead, try looking for a more affordable outfit that can be tailored and customised (e.g., embellished). 

Think about beauty treatments 

Some beauty treatments need to be done well in advance of any special event. For example, cleansing facials speed up the body’s detoxifying process. They can therefore make a person’s skin look worse in the short term.

On the flip side, other treatments may need time to work. For example, many skincare and haircare products need at least 4-6 weeks to make a real impact. It’s also important for them to eat and sleep well. 

If your child is going to have their hair and makeup done on the day of the prom, then you will need to book this in advance. If they plan to do it themselves, then it might be a good idea to book them a lesson with a makeup artist and/or hairdresser. They can give your child advice that’s customised for them in a way that internet tutorials can’t. 

Organise travel 

Kuldip Rait, who specialises in luxury prom car hire, shared his insight, “Organising travel should also be high on your list of priorities. With prom nights, the very best option you can give your child (and yourself) is a chauffeur-driven vehicle. That gets them to and from the event both stylishly and safely.”

It also gives them the feeling of adulthood while keeping them under adult supervision. As a bonus, it relieves parents/family/friends of chauffeur duties. If that seems a bit outside your budget, then try speaking to other parents. Having children share a car can be fun for them as well as more affordable for you. 

Remember the details

The right accessories really can turn an outfit from good to great. Your child may have exactly what they need already in their wardrobe. If not, you’ll need to source accessories for them. 

These may not need to be bought. In fact, just asking around family and friends may get you what you need. Since you won’t know this in advance, however, it’s advisable to check well before prom night. On a similar note, your child may want to use a special fragrance. Looking for this early gives you the best chance to get a good deal on it. 

Your children may also want flowers for themselves and/or to give to other people. They may also want small gifts to give to their friends, peers or even staff. Again, organising this early can save money as well as stress nearer the day. 

As a final point, you might want to send your child away with a regular camera to record their night. If you don’t have a suitable one, then you could give them an old mobile phone handset or even a disposable film camera. This not only helps to protect their phone from accidents but also saves their battery in case they really need to call/text someone.

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