Polyphasic Sleep: Ready for a Major Lifestyle Change?

Polyplasmic sleep

What if I told you that you could sleep only for 2 hours a day and function for the remaining 22 hours? Relax, it’s not some cheap internet scam where I tell you sign up for something, make you pay hell lotta money and deliver nothing.

Heck, you know what! Don’t pay a single dime. Just read this post and decide for yourself if you’re really ready for this “major” lifestyle change.

Most of you reading this probably are seeing the word “Polyphasic Sleep” for the first time. Don’t worry, I have you covered. For starters, ‘poly’ simply means ’multi’ or ‘more than one’. So Polyphasic Sleep is basically multiple sleeps throughout the 24 hour time period. Sleeps are more like ‘power naps’ though.

To sum it up, Polyphasic Sleep is when you take multiple naps (normally 20-30minutes) throughout the day. There are a lot of variants of Polyphasic Sleep Schedules which you can see below.

I know what you are thinking. “This is crazy”, “Yea, I’ll probably end up in a hospital after a week”, “No sleep, what does Aakash think I am? A zombie!” Just hold on, I’m not done yet. First off, it’s totally safe. You won’t get sleep deficiency or other crazy sleep related sickness. Don’t believe me yet? Look it up!

Polyphasic Sleepers in History

polyphasic sleeping

History suggests that we (humans) are actually Polyphasic Sleepers. Early men had core night sleep for 2-3 hours and took multiple naps throughout the day. Even today, animals such as dogs, cats still follow Polyphasic Sleep including human babies/toddlers (ask any parent).

Word’s on the street that many famous people throughout our history such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill and many others were Polyphasic Sleepers.

Science has also proven that taking small naps often help you get more creative and fresh. Still don’t believe me? Do a little research.

The very obvious advantage of Polyphasic Sleep is that you save a lot of time which means you can get lot of stuff done. Your quality of sleep greatly increases, you can also directly get to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) mode right after you nap.

Also, if this sleeping schedule is backed up by daily meditation, you have higher chances of lucid dreaming (which is really great)

Now on to the dark side. If you go on the internet and search for Polyphasic Sleep, half the sites are success stories about bloggers who’ve tried Polyphasic Sleep and succeeded at it and the other half is filled with sites telling you that it is bad for you.

The thing is, not many experiments have been conducted on Polyphasic Sleep and its effects. But if we take the successful bloggers word, then you’ll come to know that it’s fine. If you’re serious, you may want to join the Reddit community on Polyphasic sleep as it’s filled with people around the world who practice Polyphasic sleep and could give you some pointers.

polyphasic sleeping

Where do I start?

All you need is dedication. Seriously, that’s all you need. Oh, and an alarm clock (or you know, your phone or just about anything that can wake you up). Then, pick a suitable schedule.

I would recommend the Everyman cycle. Uberman schedule is also great but you’ll need great amount of dedication for it. After you’ve picked a suitable schedule, just stick to it. Never miss a nap or over nap. I repeat… DON’T MISS ANY NAPS OR OVERNAP. This is extremely important.

It’ll probably be hard for you to stick to for the first 2-3 weeks and that’s okay (everyone I know reported this).

I hope you succeed at it. Good luck!

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