Everyday Beauty Essentials for Your Handbag

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I’ve been carrying around a makeup bag for years, but it’s always caused a problem when I end up carrying my entire stash to work “just in case I need it”.

In a bid to streamline my beauty process and cut-down on the amount of products I carry with me on a daily basis, I’ve ditched the bag and selected a small amount that are truly necessary.

Here are some everyday beauty essentials that every woman needs to carry in their handbag:

Dry shampoo

We’ve all been there – you’ve woken up 30 minutes late and don’t even have the time to brush your hair, never mind faff around with washing, dying and styling it. Keeping a small bottle of dry shampoo in your handbag is a great idea for protection when those moments happen.

Spray a small bit of dry shampoo into your hair and rub your fingers through to disperse the grey patches – you’ll be left with silky smooth hair that looks like it was just washed!


Carrying a small tube of concealer is ideal for when you walk past a mirror and notice the huge planet-sized spot growing on the side of your face.

My weapon of choice to defend me from such is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It covers everything from dark circles to planet-sized zits and doesn’t cake over once layered. What more could a girl want?


Does this really need an explanation?

Lip balm

For those times when you’ve had resting bitch face and suddenly smile whilst your lips crack, lip balm is a given.

My balm of choice is Burts Bees hydrating lip balm (but in reality, I have around 5 swimming around in the bottom of my bag that range in different consistencies, tints and even textures!).


The best tool for looking and feeling wide awake is mascara. It has the ability to enlarge your eyes and make you look like you’ve had a great sleep – even if you haven’t.

I always carry mascara with me in my handbag and is the only justified “in case I need it” product. Combined with concealer, it allows me to do whatever I want and still get a ‘no makeup-makeup’ look on the go.

Hand sanitiser

As much as we may hate it, it’s probably impossible to go through your day without being in contact with some form of germs.

Hand sanitiser is a no-brainer to carry in your handbag and is one of my main beauty essentials – especially when on public transport.

What is your favourite beauty product that you must have in your handbag?


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