5 Easy Steps to Master the Art of Smokey Eye Makeup

smokey eye makeup

As girls, we all go through the phase where we try new makeup looks and new hairstyles. We spend hours watching Youtube tutorials to achieve perfection, but when it comes to putting on an eyeliner and of course applying smokey eye makeup, we fail badly.

The reason being we do not focus on the basics. Yes, we need the blacks and the greys, but there is more to it. Yes, we need the Kim Kardashian look, but we end up looking similar to raccoons or the cute pandas (Pandas have beautiful eyes, but the same look on our face looks ridiculous).

So here I am. I’ll be describing the five easy steps which you need to follow to master the smokey eye makeup look. Oh, but first let me check all the ingredients for the makeup. (Since I love to cook, I call my palettes and beauty accessories, ‘ingredients’).

The thing that you need to do before the first thing is to breathe in slowly and deeply. Now exhale slowly. You cannot master this look in just a single try. Trust me I had to try as many as 20-30 times to learn it.

So the first thing that you need to do is …

1. Clean Your Eyelids

Yeah, that’s necessary. Make sure you wash them with an ample amount of water. Dry them. Apply moisturizer. You are ready to go!

2. You Need That Smokey Look To Last Right?

Okay, so the problem we usually face is that by the end of the day we usually have no makeup left. Girls, I know it makes me angry. I mean you put on the beautiful eye shadow and mascara, but when you return home, all you see in the mirror is residues of your makeup. (That’s just because our eyelids have sebaceous glands that discharge a pure oil. Now this oil damages our entire look. And of course you sometimes rub your eyes and get the raccoon eyes).

So apply concealer – it actually helps in sticking the makeup to the eyelid. You can use primer too. It will just ensure that your makeup will last longer.

3. Blend, Blend, Blend!

Now apply those scotch tapes and blah blah. They tell you everything in the tutorials, so let’s just focus on the issue at hand. What we see generally is black-grey-white.

smokey eye makeup

Girls! We do not need three colors in our eye to be distinguished separately. You spend a good amount of all those 36-48 pack brushes, yet there is no blending. You need to blend the colors so that there is no distinct boundary. Trust me blending is the key to master this look.

What you need to do is, apply a matte color shade on your eyelid, with a broad brush. Next, you use a darker shade, be it gray or black, in the corners of your eyes, along the tape. Blend in this darker shade using a lighter shade towards the center of the eye.

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4. Want More Subtle Look? Apply Eyeliner

Again, we have a huge problem. I envy girls who can apply eye liners like Adele has in her eyes. But Hello, it’s us, we girls can do it! So you can either use a gel liner or a liquid liner. I like a gel liner; it gives a matte look, and it’s easy to apply.

The point that we need to ponder here is, what sort of eyeliner shall I apply? Go according to your eye shadow; it could be winged or the plain one. But do apply it.

5. Longer Eyelashes: A Huge Turn On

Lastly, you need to do something with those eyelashes. Apply mascara. 2 coats are enough. No? Okay, you can go for false lashes too. I love the ones by Sephora. Please ensure that the false lashes do not look way too false. And yeah one last thing, apply that white eye pencil in the inner brim of your lower eyelid. It gives your eyes such a sophisticated look!

We are almost done with all the instructions. Just try it. You can have this perfect smokey eye makeup look everyday!

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