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Most of us have never really thought about cardboard boxes more than a few seconds it takes to open them and get to the product we want. However, companies and business owners know that picking the right box can make or break the product.

You cannot use the same type of a box to package wet wipes and high-end electronics. Car parts and cosmetics have different packaging needs and therefore require different boxes. Fortunately, there are experts who are keen to share ideas. People at Box Co-Op tell us all about different types of boxes in this useful article

There are some traditional approaches to the packaging of various products which may give you ideas about choosing a suitable packaging for your own product. Or they may inspire you to break the traditional molds in order to stand out.


The majority of electronic devices, including big ones such as TV, are packaged in a simple, yet effective type of a box called tuck end box. Essentially, it has one panel, typically the top one, which is tucked into the others in order to close the box. These boxes are easy to stack and thanks to their large panels, they are ideal for printing.

When it comes to software, however, it usually comes in a bookend box. It is exactly what it sounds like, a box which opens like a book. These boxes can be made out of particularly thick and firm cardboard, so as to ensure that the contents aren’t damaged during transport.

Finally, there’s the five-panel hanger. This is also quite common and similar to a tuck end box, but it has another panel with a hole in it. The product is hung by that panel rather than standing on a shelf.


When it comes to food, the priorities usually change. It is far more important to keep the product safe and unspoiled than it is to make it easy to reach or protected.

Biscuits and other spoilable foods are typically kept in seal end boxes. These boxes have sealed ends in order to protect the contents. In order to get to the product, the box needs to be torn, which makes it easy to know if it has been opened before.

Other types of foods which are not meant to be consumed all at once, like sugar packets or various candy products can be kept in boxes of a few different designs. One of the most interesting is gravity feed box. This is a relatively large box which contains individually packaged products in it. The opening in the box is towards the bottom of the box, so once a product is taken, the next one takes its place simply due to gravity. Another widely used box type is the so-called counter display. Typically, these boxes are found near counters and are open on the top, giving access to the products inside.


When it comes to cosmetics, the goal is not only to protect the product, it’s also an ideal method of brand recognition. If your box is somehow special, it will be memorable, and therefore help your product. You can see that with various perfumes and high-end makeup.

Whatever your product is, make sure that your marketing is up to the task of presenting it. That includes finding the suitable packaging, too.

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