Cycling Safety Tips for Riding a Bike in Rural Areas

Rural cycling route

Cycling in rural areas can be a great experience. From breathing in the fresh air to getting the chance to see stunning sights without being limited to the windows of your car, there are many things to love about cycling in the countryside.

That being said, rural cycling can pose different risks that bike-riding on a normal city road. The presence of animals and speeding motorists can be dangerous for a cyclist and could leave you seriously injured if you’ve involved in a collision.

Bike safety tips for rural cycling

However, in this guide, we’ve shared the three cycling safety tips that you should bear in mind when riding a bike on the road, as well as techniques that you should remember to avoid being involved in an accident:

Make yourself visible when cycling on the road

Because rural roads are often long, windy stretches of land, you may have noticed that motorists will pick-up speed fairly quickly. As a cyclist, this can put you at risk – especially when you’re not visible to the motorist until the last minute.

For this reason, you should always take care when rural cycling and make yourself visible. Have flashing lights that can be seen from a distance and wear a high-vis jacket to ensure that motorists are aware of your presence.

Find safe stopping points for cycling safety

There may come a time when you need to rest or you’re simply wanting to take-in the beauty of your surroundings. After all, that’s one of the best things about rural cycling!

However, stopping on a countryside road should only be done when you’re located in safe place. This is a location where you’re visible to both oncoming traffic and vehicles who may approach behind you, as well as a safe distance away from any blind corners or hills.

Check the weather forecast beforehand

The weather here in the UK is notorious for its changing (and bizarre) pattern and in some cases, can change dramatically within a matter of minutes. For that reason, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before you head on your rural cycling route.

Often forming part of a rural route, you may be cycling over hilltops where you’re exposed to direct sunlight. You should apply sun cream in this situation and take regular breaks to prevent sunstroke affecting your concentration.

As you can see, cycling on rural roads is generally very safe and if you stick to these tips, you should enjoy the time you spend out on your bike.

Unfortunately, there may come a time in which accidents happen through no fault of your own. Remember that if you’ve experienced a bike crash in a rural area that your fault, you can contact a qualified solicitor to help you make a bike accident claim.

This article was written by Ehsan Kabir; the co-founder of No.1 Solicitors, a specialist law firm that provides a range of private client services.

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