How to Create a Look That You Can Wear to Work and to a Night Out


The modern women are currently living the fast-paced life and are sometimes torn between hustling to make money and nurturing relationships and friendship at hand. It’s not easy to balance the work  and personal life as there are times when the schedules of both may overlap against each other and one becomes sacrificed over the other. However, the very essence of living a happy and healthy life is balancing your overall mental, emotional, and physical health as well as maintaining great social relationships WHILE dealing with the limited time that we all have and try so hard to manage wisely. Does it seem to be a bit overwhelming? It shouldn’t be!

Yes, it feels nice to leave work knowing that your day has been productive but it’s even greater to end the night knowing you had the best time with your friends. That is why we have come up with a fool-proof way to plan out an outfit that you can wear to work or meetings and seamlessly transition for a flattering ensemble for a night out with your gals. Here are the 5 pieces you can mix and match to go from work to party.

Well-fitting top

Whether you want to sport a scalloped neckline for a more conservative approach, a cowl neckline for some fun or a plunging neckline–you can choose whatever you want for this first part. However, it would also be good to take note of the face shape that you have and pair it with the best type of neckline that would complement it. The very important factor is that your top should fit you well–not too loose and not too tight but just right enough to flatter your torso.

Hip-hugging skirt

The type of skirt that you should be wearing is the one that will hug your hips comfortably down to your thighs. The perfect one would be a pencil skirt as it would show off your curves effortlessly. If you want to spice things up, you can wear one with a side slit that is not too high up either so it can still be considered work-appropriate but don’t be too afraid to play around with colors because a hot pink skirt can definitely amp up your typical office outfit and it wouldn’t look out of place in the club either.

Bodycon dress

If matching up tops and skirts seem to be too intimidating for you, you can always resort to the fool-proof bodycon dress that does a great job at showcasing your best assets with the least of effort. Be sure to define your waist with a thin waist belt to look more put-together. The best thing about bodycon dresses is that it can go with any function as long as you match it with the right pieces.

A pair of comfortable but killer heels

Whether you start your day by doing nothing but sitting on your swivel chair or running around the office carrying paperworks, your precious feet isn’t going to be resting much during the night either. That is why you have to make sure you will be wearing a pair of comfortable heels, preferably the one with thicker heels. Save the cigarette stick-thin stilettos for another day and opt for the sling-backs and ankle straps because you want a pair that you know can outlast a day full of running errands and partying on the dance floor.

‘Emergency’ statement accessories

If want to sport a simple outfit and yet you’re still quite unsure what the night could possibly bring you, it’s nice to stash an ’emergency’ accessory in your bag to bring your outfit to a whole new level with a statement piece. You can choose between a statement necklace of texture or pop of color and a pair of dangle earrings (P.S. Fringe earrings are fading out now and hoops are making their big comeback!). Be sure to stash it inside a protective pouch before putting it inside your bag so its quality won’t be tarnished.

With these simple pieces that you surely have in your wardrobe, you won’t have to spend a dime just to make your outfit multifunctional. There you have it ladies, 5 pieces you can mix and match to look great for work and party-ready by nighttime!

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